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Thread: What are yearly production numbers? Rarity of configuration?

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2016-07-04 05:38:02
What are yearly production numbers? Rarity of configuration?
A friend of mine was proudly telling me how his Dodge Stealth was only one of 300 in the US with that color, and only one of 50 with that color *and* a brown interior. Fancy bragging rights, indeed, and it got me thinking about exactly how rare our cars are. I've heard the SE-R itself is a fairly hard to find beast (as evidenced by the many people desperately jealous of my rusty pile of crap as they scour Craigslists from adjacent states to find one), and the hardtop (as mine is) is even more rare. I've pulled up some older threads that all ended on dead-ends several years ago, but has anyone finally managed to find some sort of table or list of production numbers for the SE-R?
2016-07-04 14:02:03
This has been discussed before and no one really knows. An article from one of the major car magazines compares production numbers to that of the Buick Grand National from what I remember. That's all the info we have. The rarest is probably an automatic blue hardtop se-r. I've only ever seen one on the internet. The transmission kind of ruins it but these cars were almost exclusively manuals, so it makes it pretty rare. Automatics were introduced in '93.
2016-07-04 15:43:49
It can be done, but it takes due diligence of going through the Nissan FAST and decoding every VIN for the B13 data files within the FAST program.

That is how the Z31 and Z32 Registry were compiled.
For example, my 1986 300ZX Turbo is one of 270 identical ones in #526 Hot Red, black interior with charcoal leather seats and carpet, digital dash with voice warning, heated power mirrors, cruise, automatic climate control, and 5-speed turbo. In 1986 there were over 20k Zs made.

With the production numbers for B13 much higher (around 60k yearly) it will take much longer to go through all the data.

I do know that my B13 is a rare bird. It's a 1994.5 model made in May 1994 at the Tennessee plant, TK3 Sapphire Blue Metallic in Limited Edition trim with a GA16DE 5-speed, cruise, AC, no airbag, and full SE-R appearance package inside and out with the 13" steelies.
2016-07-04 16:33:08
I saw specific actual production numbers from Nissan years ago, I don't remember where or how many for each but I do remember the most common was the 91 SE-R. 92 followed, then 93, and then of course 94 by far had the lowest.

Don't know about the NX.
2016-07-09 20:00:35
I came across this random tid bit of info searching for something else, wanted to post here. From Super Street:

Project Nissan 200SX 1.6: Part 1 - Project Cars - Sport Compact Car Magazine

"Our latest project series will be devoted to the ignored and often forgotten red-headed stepchild of the SE-R, the 1.6-liter GA16DE-powered 200SX. SE-Rs are a fairly rare bird, making up only about six to seven percent of total Sentra and 200SX production. This makes them difficult to locate on the used car market and makes it a little hard for you to find a source of cars for your particular project if you desire an SE-R. As there were more than 100,000 GA16DE-powered cars built every year of production, GA16-powered vehicles are both cheap and easy to find on the used car market. Because of their popularity, many people already own or were given GA16-powered Sentras or 200SXs."
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