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Thread: Low port distributor on high port harness

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2015-12-07 15:47:08
Low port distributor on high port harness
I'm working on putting a new(er) motor in my B13. Right now I'm puzzling over how best to handle the distributor. Most all of the threads I have come across regarding swaps simply state to swap the original distributor back over regardless of the swap. I'd like to move away from the original high port distributor if I can. Also, my original high port one is cracked, so I'd have to replace it anyway, and may as well use something newer and presumably better?

The motor that is going in is a Roller Rocker SR20, which uses a slightly different distributor from the low port SR20. I am not a fan of the type of electrical connectors used on the Roller Rocker, those ones with the green tabs that are supposed to lock in place but usually don't. The older connectors are easier to work with, hence my choice for using the low port distributor.

On the B13 I've got the distributor, and external ignitor coil, and power transistor. With the low port, the ignitor and power transistor would be internal to the distributor. If I get the wiring harness connectors that go to the low port distributor and splice those to the same wires on the high port harness, I'm not seeing any reason why this wouldn't work. The wiring diagrams look pretty much the same except for parts being external in one, and internal on the other.

Thoughts? Would love to hear from anyone that has actually done this and made it work.
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2020-12-01 15:43:03
I'm interested in this and am aware you turn it around perhaps but yeah I get it you want to make use of it. So it is a rotor and cap and I believe hall sensor and a transistor of some sort? I think that just would work but this won't help on wiring it up and also no expert on the subject, some more info on the low port part might get me around and be aware Hitachi Mitsubishi ain't Bosch but I'm confident that would be not the case or (for example) the CAS sensor is kind of similar
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