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Thread: After market glass run and door weather strip for 2 door B13 on ebay

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2015-06-05 15:50:02
I've bought the same glass run - Weatherstrip Glass Run Channel Seal Set for 91 94 Nissan Sentra B13 2 Doors | eBay

I haven't installed it yet, and I probably will just hold onto it until after I decide to repaint the car, but if anyone wants pictures of the parts, I can help you out.

edit: It's also worth noting, that the OEM parts seem to be unavailable from anywhere. I submitted orders for just about anywhere that said that they had it: Quirk Parts, NissanPartsDeal, PartsforNissans, and OEMautoPartz... All of the orders were cancelled.
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2018-09-10 12:56:08
I just picked up some of these. Do I need to remove the door panels to install? Anyone have a step by step for a 2-door? Thanks in advance!
2018-09-10 19:05:13
You should not have to remove the door panels to replace the weather gaskets that seal the door to the chassis. That gasket couldn't be simpler to remove and install. Peal off old, push on new.

So what exactly did you get?
2018-09-11 00:31:12
Thanks Ben! I got a pair of belt strips (the lower hard part) and the the glass run channel. For the belt strips do I just pop them off?
2018-09-11 09:34:44
Let me go find my pictures from when I replaced the part that runs along the lower window opening on the outside of the car. I don't remember what was involved with that install.
I'll be right back.

Okay, I found one of the posts, but let me find the better one: Passenger's side window glass exterior trim

Here's the better post: Passenger's side window glass exterior trim installed

It looks like I took off the door panel to make things easier, but that might not be strictly necessary? I'd probably recommend it though, they aren't hard to remove once you've done it once.
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2018-09-17 15:03:36
Much appreciated Ben. The links you have up there just redirect me to the home page. I'll dig in the windows and belt strips this weekend. I don't (hopefully) think I can mess this up.
2018-09-17 19:00:55
The links will redirect to the home page if you're not logged in to the forum. They are links to a thread in the Members Rides section, which is member's only (changed a LONG time ago because some people thought car thieves were stalking that section). If you log into the forum, they should take you to posts in my build thread. If you're logged in and they still only take you to the home page, let me know and I'll see what's going on...
2018-09-25 13:28:59
The links work now. Thank you!
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