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Thread: Value of an se-r twenty years from now?

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2014-08-25 19:11:25
Since I haven't tried AutoTrader or Ebay yet, not sure. The one thing about this site, most think my price is actually low, so says a whole lot about the forum mentality. I would definitely revise your pricing expectations though. I think you would be maybe in the 5K range to the right person. We shall see, thanks again buddy!!
2014-08-25 19:54:11
Sadly it is true and here is my comparison (though a little off topic but as close as I can get since I've never had a Nissan, so take it for what you will):

I had my AMC for sale on our own forum since fall 2013 for awhile before posting an ad on CL early 2014.
Everyone on the forum said "great price", "won't last", etc. but no interest. Even had it listed a little cheaper on the forum in hopes it would go to a fellow enthusiast and I'd get to see its future.
Made the CL ad (@ a higher price) and it didn't take too long, had a guy come in from Indiana and buy it.
He was an AMC enthusiast but didn't know about the forum & was looking for another 1 to replace the 1 his son wrecked (he was the original owner).
But I went ahead and let him have it at the forum discounted price.

The one I sold was priced (at the time early 2014 via Nada classic guide) $4,725 low retail/$6,900 average retail/$10,500 high <== and I sold it at lower than the low retail since Nada is known to be off some + a complete parts car.
And I see now the same car sits at $5,100 low retail/$7,475 average retail/$11,800 high retail.
And just as a note: mine was in great condition- no rust still had factory undercoat, ran and drove, everything worked, power everything, leather, great paint, low miles (108k mi/averages @ 4k mi a year), stock, 3rd owner, etc.

I got into the AMC's because 1) I love them in all aspects 2) they were cheap at the time (well that was just a big bonus really)
but I have noticed since I have gotten into them and it took all these years but their prices are rising finally. It only took about 30+ years.

I couldn't tell that guy what I originally paid for that car, it would've hurt his feelings.
Though I really didn't want to get rid of that car (and wouldn't have) but I had 5 of them and after finally tracking down the 1 that got away that I originally wanted ...so something had to give.
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2014-11-05 19:14:15
I'm gonna get a Spec-V but not for the future value.
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