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Thread: My 4dr B13 Project

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2014-04-19 20:21:44
My 4dr B13 Project
I owned a couple B13s a while back and decided that I wanted a project car. The story line:

This used to be my DD; Carb GA16DS (yes GA16DS not GA16DE, go do your research) 5spd (damn I miss her )

Then I put her under the knife because she was rusted really badly. I dropped the engine in preparation for my SR20DE Swap

The only reason I could afford to put my DD under the knife was because I acquired another B13. This one was a wreck BUT it only had front damage, the rest of the car was in immaculate condition.

The carnage

Now I call this "the merge"

Even got some fender braces made to strengthen the front

Took her to the bodyshop to get touched up and this was the result

Fitted some Versa/Tiida wheels and was satisfied with the look

Final product
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2014-04-19 20:47:33
Now I wanted some rare items and couldn't find then individually so I had to buy a whole damn car to get them.

I acquired a Pulsar Gti-R RNN14 rolling chassis for my donor.

Some of you may ask, why didn't you just use the Pulsar? NO!!! The Pulsar is a lot heavier than a B13 and its more difficult to source parts for. I took the whole interior, suspension & brakes and a few other components that remained in the engine bay. Here are a few pics of what I took.

I have the body sorted out but I need a power plant , I got an SR20DE RR 10:1 from a 98 EUDM Primera complete with tranny, harness and ecu.

I busted her down to get her cleaned up and started the long and costly journey of purchasing parts.

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2014-04-19 21:14:18
Now, I'm big on suspension so over the years I've acquired quite a bit of suspension pieces

OEM Suspension pieces

Floor Brace

KYB shock boots and bump stops


KYB had strut mounts too so I said, what the heck, these must be better than the OEM ones.

Road Magnet Springs

Energy Suspension and Prothane Pieces

Dog Bone Mount

Progress Rear Sway Bar

Suspension Techniques Front Sway Bar

Cusco LCAB

Cusco FSTB and eBay RSTB

The car was not originally rear disc so I had to do the conversion

Wilwood Brake Fittings

Russell Brake Fittings

Camber Bolts

Aluminium X-member Bushings

Aluminium Subframe Bushings

Megan Racing Steering Ends

Added some rotors and this is how she sits now

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2014-04-20 03:02:37
Very nice! Looking forward to seeing more progress!
2014-04-20 11:22:21
This post is about my engine rebuild

I a stickler for doing things the right way so I spared nothing when it came to buying components for my engine rebuild.

SE-R Motor Mounts for SR20 Swap

The plan was originally to turbo the car so I bought VET rods and pistons

and I bought a used TD05HA-152G6-12T from an Evo X; owner upgraded his turbo.

The block and head were in good condition but I decided that they needed Kariba's touch.

I started porting the RR head

Then I thought, if you're going to be putting the engine through the rigours it needs to be built tough, not Ford tough, Kariba Tough.
OEM Gasket kit with OEM Chain, OEM Tensioner, Thermal Spacer, SR20VE Metal Head Gasket, Cometic Front & Rear seals

OEM Cam Gears

OEM Seals

OEM Thrust Washers

SR20VE Front Cover Assembly

OEM Crank Gear

VVL Pickup Tube

G Spec Aluminium Pulley

ACL Bearings; I have ACL Thrust Washers as well but just can't seem to find the damn pic

ARP Bolts

ARP Flywheel Bolts

Clutch Kit

Mishimoto Radiator hoses

NX2000 Dual Core Radiator

Water Temp Sensor Adapter

OEM Coolant Temperature Sensor

OEM Valve Cover Bolts and Washers

Fuel System

OEM Injector Harness

Fuel Rail Bolt Kit

SR20VE Distributor

Magnecor Plug Leads


OEM Knock Sensor

Fuel Cooler

Oil Cooler

Nissport Fitting

There may be a few other things I forgot which I'll add in later but the build starts.
8CW RR Crank with SR20VET Rods & Pistons and Girdle.

The block is already tapped just not pictured in any of the angle shots.
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2014-04-20 11:40:56
Through my many purchases from Forum Members, I got these......
2014-04-20 14:24:46
I had a revelation and I decided to ditch the Turbo setup and go ALL MOTOR.

So I got this.....SR20VE Head fitted with N1 Cams

and give its Kariba's Touch as well.
Intake. As you can see, I already had the head tapped with my -4AN anodized blue fitting.


SSAC Headers

SuperTech Valve Springs and Retainers

I had originally bought the Greddy E-manage so I'll chip my ECU and use the E-manage to fine tune.

Got the Jumper Harness so that I don't have to hack my harness.

You also need the A/F Harness for the E-manage to record your A/F ratios; this is why most people claim that it doesn't work or you can't tune accurately.

N62 MAF; I won't be using this soon because I already ordered the Greddy 3BAR MAP sensor.

Nismo CAI

Glow Shift Gauges and AEM Wideband

MSD Blaster Coil

Nismo Radiator Cap, Nismo Oil Filler Cap and -6AN Autobahn88 Fuel Rail Adapter Fitting

Dry Cell Battery
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2014-04-20 14:41:16
Talk about going the distance... Nice to see someone going ALL THE WAY.
2014-04-20 15:37:29
Thanks @Latino Heat & @LAM-PARK.

I actually added a few more pics to my posts. I've done extensive research and have been collecting parts for quite a few years. The knowledge gained and continue to gain is priceless. There are so many things we can do with these engines and so many components we can use if we only did a little more research.
2014-04-20 15:38:47
My kaleidoscope of -AN Wrenches.
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