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Thread: sr20de RR swap

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2013-09-24 02:16:24
the rr manifold wont work because of the way the throttlebody is designed.. not to mention other sensors, injectors an shit like that..

basically you need the WHOLE low port intake, throttle body, fuel rail, injectors, IACV ect.. that way you can plug your harness right into it an it will function properly..

honestly i wouldnt of gone this route if i were u, by the time all is said an done you could of got a direct replacement jdm sr20de or spend a lil more an of got a ve or something..
2013-09-28 20:49:19
@classic93ser any luck with this?
2014-05-01 16:27:58
Currently doing this into my 1996 200sx se r already did some research and and thing you need to do is swap the intake manifolds then everything will plug in and bolt up.
2014-05-02 04:47:30
@jamesbingo1 is right, I successfully did this swap in my b13.
ill also add this, if you plan on keeping the EGR, get the pipe that goes from the head to the egr, FROM the same motor the intake manifold comes from! I didn't do this and had to have a friend fabricate one for me!

also some extra water lines that the lowport mani motors have that high port motors don't have, in which case, use the 2 you need and the other holes just plug up!

how is your swap going? @jamesbingo1
2014-05-02 19:15:20
Just as a fyi you have to use the lowport valve cover if you use the lowport mani or else the throttle will hit it
2014-05-02 21:55:32
Itll be very close at most. Thermoblock spacers will do wonders too
2014-05-03 02:38:11
im using the rr valve cover, theres def a difference!
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