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Thread: Do others think your crazy for B13 love?

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2013-07-06 23:25:37
Do others think your crazy for B13 love?
Its been on my mind lately...my friends, co-workers, and even gf think Im crazy for wanting to fix up my 93 SE-r. Seems no one knows about them like Honduhs and such. Does anyone else get this negativity? Mostly they want to know why fix it up and make it faster, handle better, stop better because I have a 04' Mustang GT with a 09' GT engine sitting in the garage and have threatened to sell it for spending money lol. #sentramoneyproblems <~lol
2013-07-06 23:30:04
Same here man they just don't understand us
2013-07-06 23:38:53
Re: Do others think your crazy for B13 love?
Yea my family is the same : ... why u dumping so much money in that old ass sentra all these years. Why dont you use that money and buy a new car... you still have that same car..and so on...lol

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2013-07-07 00:46:32
yep,I just smile knowing I have a cheap,fun,dead reliable,easy to fix car with NO PAYMENTS.
Jokes on them.
2013-07-07 02:10:42
My wife just don't care..she even calls it my mistress. All my friends are car guys so no issue there either.
2013-07-07 03:27:11
Because they haven't driven one.
2013-07-07 03:28:40
I get the same crap from my friends and family. They use to see fixing my 67 Camero for years and couldn't believe when I switched to Nissan. I need something new and I found it. My wife goes on and on about spending so much money on my cars that she claims are worthless so I had to buy her a new 2013 Pilot just to shut her up! I can afford a new car but it just wouldn't be as fun.
I'm 6'2 300 lbs man and love my little toys. (B13's)
2013-07-07 13:20:56
Thats exactly what I mean! Lol "Sentra is a granny car" is what I get then I have to explain the engine blah blah. And my dad is a hardcore mustang guy so...one day I hope to sr20de+t and beat his 5.0 and say see...didnt even cost me much haha. Glad Im not the only one.
2013-07-07 16:05:16
just be humble bout it bro.n start smoking their new rides it hurts them more they got smoked by a sentra lol
2013-07-07 18:00:12
I got ALOT of crap for selling my 03 Cobra Vert and buying my b13, thing is everyone one here where I live is either into Mustangs Camaros or Diesel pick-ups no originality whatsoever. So i'm enjoying the fact that I have something different that no one else has, plus its old school cool to me! I keep seeing a lot of Honuh peeps driving by my shop to get a peek at the B.
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