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Thread: B13 hydraulic clutch conversion "how to" thread?

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2013-06-08 13:21:17
B13 hydraulic clutch conversion "how to" thread?
This is something I've always kept on the back burner over the years as a mod I want to do. Now becoming motivated to get this done, I cannot find the HOW TO thread in the tech section. Can someone point me in the right direction please? I imagine I first saw it on the original forum many years ago but haven't looked there. I guess I assumed it'd have been carried over here to the dash as well.

2013-06-08 17:27:53
Look in the forum manifesto its in there i am at work and posting from my tablet so cant really search for it properly look for ashtons how to and then there is a link in his how to about converting the tranny i did it and it was super easy. Im using a 97 maxima clutch pedal and master cylinder, P11 slave cylinder and a custom made clutch line.
2013-06-08 19:50:05
Sounds good, I'll look around some more. I'm on my phone so I can relate. But I'm always on my phone these days, lol! It's actually faster than my old ass PC, and my laptop doesn't do Internet. Strictly for tuning ;-)
2013-06-08 20:14:53
If by manifesto you mean here in post #6, it's not there. Kind of surprised too as it looks like everything else is. Maybe I'm not seeing it. There is a clutch section but neither 2 posts refer to the conversion. Guess I'll keep looking...

2013-06-11 02:17:55
Just get a couple new regular clutch cables, at least 1 new one always in the trunk, and replace every year. makes a huge difference
2013-06-12 00:00:21
The feel of a hydraulic clutch owns a cable one any day. With parts readily available you can do the conversion for like 100 if you source the parts cheaply through yards. Easiest way to go is the maxima clutch pedal and master w/ p11 or b15 slave and you can use the stock clutch line setup from the b15 or the p11 and it will work with some bending of the line then get you a p11 or b15 clutch fork setup and done. Might as well be something everyone does the next time they have to pull the trans.

There is no comparison and no more broken or notchy clutch cables ever again.
2013-06-12 03:09:36
Still haven't found the "write up" but I'm sure I can figure it out if I acquire the parts. I have a bad rear main only just after replacing my clutch with an fx400. I'd rather not piss $500 as much as I'd rather not pull the trany again. So I may as well do this upgrade.
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2013-06-12 03:12:33
And I do replace the cable every year while greasing the crap out of it before installing. Still binds up and tweaks on me. I've tried parts stores and OEM, all crap! IMO
2013-06-12 13:34:32
If you'll already have the trans out and the parts to do it, that would be ideal.

I cant believe you have all these issues with cables, I think in my almost 12 years of owning B13's I've only broken 1 cable.
2013-06-12 15:38:23
The only time that I have had problems with clutch cables is when using Pressure Plates that are overkill like the ACT Extreme.
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