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Thread: Rigid Collar mishap....

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2013-01-03 02:18:30
Rigid Collar mishap....
So me and a friend of mine (amateur) decided to install the TDMimports rigid collars i just received.. so i finished tightening up my side which was the passenger side and all of a sudden i hear a snap! followed by an " oh shit".... apparently he over tightened the bolt and it broke ! the collar is still in there but now i have only 1 bolt on the driver side holding my chasis together.. so my question is how do i fix it and will there be any long term problems down the road without it?? any help would be greatly appreciated
2013-01-03 02:51:56
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2013-01-03 02:53:54
Drill the bolt out or try extracting it. Problem is you need to slowly tighten them all at once, not one side tight then to the other.
2013-01-03 02:56:33
From here on out, try to extract the broken bolt, do so carefully.
2013-01-03 03:10:24
Try extractor or get the collar pryed back out. If you can get the collar out it should release the load on the bolt's shank and remove it by hand then.
2013-01-03 14:33:00
Loosen whole subframe to take pressure off that collar so it can come out, then you can work on that bolt. I think you will be able to get it out of there though.

2013-01-04 03:27:51
Thanks for the suggestions guys im going to try this weekend.... i hope the collar is still in there because i been driving around as this is my DD
2013-01-04 04:13:03
Re: Rigid Collar mishap....
Not a good idea bro. Good luck though.

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