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Thread: Clutch and Motor Mounts - Ideas??

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2012-09-30 01:58:20
Originally Posted by The
Shawn, don't spoil your good service by turning this into a platform of condescension.

I don't see this condescension to which you refer. I'm trying to open up your mind with a bit of humor. Nothing more, nothing less. My message is dead on track.

Don't spoil my good service by taking unjustified and unwarranted offense when I would rather teach you to find your own information, rather than spoon-feed it to you like a toddler.

Originally Posted by The
You've spent far more time and vowels trying to alter my research tactics than you did answering my questions.

Do not worry about how I spend my time.

You've spent far too much time searching, with bullshit results. Then spent even more time posting this redundant thread on an easily reSearched subject. And you are now spending time arguing with me about how I should choose to help newbs. Are you fucking kidding me?

Originally Posted by The
In the future, if you'd rather not explain something you've explained before, simply don't respond to the thread.

In the future, I'll do any gawd-damned thing I like. Within the forum rules, I'll respond to any thread, in any manner I see fit. Is that fucking clear?

If you don't like the responses to your inquiries, then simply do not start a thread on a forum. That is how they work.

Shawn B
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2012-09-30 02:35:52
The Villain;
I suggest that you use your newly acquired searching skills and search Shawn B if you don't want to have a rough time in here. As a preview you should see how many times he has been "Liked".
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2012-10-02 23:55:49
Why don't you rebuild the tranny yourself? It's cheaper than you think. CourtesyParts.com has a 5th gear kit to replace everything related to 5th gear and all new seals. I have done this 4 times, once for myself and for 3 other guys. It's easier than you think too.

I have a how-to thread with tons of pics for each step on the old site that's been up for years now.
2012-10-08 01:16:33
My, my. I'd been spending so much time ordering parts, opening transmissions, and just generally plotting world domination that I hadn't realized people had continued talking about this.

Shawn, your inability to see the condescension in your previous posts borders on willful denial. Anyone who claims they're providing the boon of 'teaching someone how to fish' when that person merely asked for a hamburger and further insists it's for their own good is cloaking themselves in self righteousness. The so-called 'humor' you draped over the whole affair was barely more than a smoke screen that allows you to tell yourself the story that you've given a poor, confused 'young man', as you call me, an important life lesson. And what's more, it wasn't even remotely funny. I'm not sure which is the greater crime, tell the truth.

You have no idea how old I am. You know nothing of my level of competence or 'intelligence'. I'm fairly certain your estimates on both counts are wildly incorrect. My level response to your first chiding was heavily tempered by the fact that you did offer some useful advice along with your head-patting. By your second post I had to literally bite my tongue to keep my extremely diplomatic response from devolving into a hair-raising verbal vivisection. That was me being polite. You'll find that it's not really my nature.

I may be new to this particular board but there are several of which I am considered an elder. And as many times as I've seen new users post commonly asked questions I have never once trotted out the old "Learn to use the search function" line that does little to either help or entertain anybody. I either respond or I don't. You are, of course, under no obligation to behave as I do, and if you want to waste your breath cursing in binary at someone who dared question your so-called 'help', well naturally that's your prerogative. But don't for one second pretend you're being a nice guy. I'm an evil son of a bitch myself, and I can smell one of my own kind.

And as for the claim you fly on your signature that you're a 'verbal mercenary' - a claim with which you obviously agree - I have to say I've been unimpressed with the level of your discourse. I suspect something closer to the truth is that you simply enjoy hearing yourself talk. Or write, as it were. If you guessed that I likewise labor under a similar affliction you'd be correct, but I'm quite certain I do it a damn sight better than you.

And pr20de -- I'll forgive you for not realizing that a rough time is exactly the sort of thing I seek out, and start when I can't find it. After all, you don't know me yet. But they don't call me The Villain for nothing.

Almost forgot to respond to NissanEgg -- I am, in fact, rebuilding a separate transmission that I picked up. It will go into the car and the old transmission will either get rebuilt and sold, or sold for scrap.
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2012-10-08 01:37:27
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2012-10-08 01:42:49
Shawn B. 20 page quotation and dissection to follow.
2012-10-08 01:49:11
Originally Posted by tomas527
Shawn B. 20 page quotation and dissection to follow.

Somebody send me the Cliff's Notes...I'm not reading 20 pages.
2012-10-08 02:00:49
Originally Posted by The
Somebody send me the Cliff's Notes...I'm not reading 20 pages.

Cliff is a noob, I wouldn't read his notes!
Last edited by Keo on 2012-10-08 at 02-25-04.
2012-10-08 02:07:04
Wheres cliff?
2012-10-08 02:07:41
uhh ohh i see shawn b lurking already prob typing a 20 quotation response currently
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