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Thread: G20 Front Bumper on B13?

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2012-11-08 23:33:37
looks good bud, but I'd have plastic welded in a piece to the edge of the bumper to fill the gap you can see from above before doing all the paintwork.

2012-11-09 00:15:24
I commend you for your time and effort, and the use of Altima fogs.

As far as the gaps are concerned, have you tried filling them with zip-ties? They seem to work well for securing the license plate.
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2012-11-09 00:28:09
what would need to be done to pull the gaps inwards so the gaps arent there
2012-11-09 00:57:49
Looks interesting and it's always cool to see people putting in efforts like these. If no ones done it, we'll never know how it looks. Personally, I'm not sure if the bumper matches the contour of the car. Maybe some p10 side skirts? The b13 is almost like a ef 4 door civic or the early 90s skinny boxy cars when the p10 added more body fat. Better then buyin those humongous fake fiberglass kits. Good effort!
2012-11-09 04:36:18
I think I like it. Nice to know there is another bumper choice.

It also looks like it may be easier to hide an intercooler behind than a stock B13 bumper.
2012-11-12 21:33:56
Those gaps arent as bad as i thought, it seems like everyone made them seem so bad! haha, looks great man!!
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