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Thread: G20 Front Bumper on B13?

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2012-10-22 23:19:46

For Todd, this is a touchy subject.
2012-10-22 23:35:55
Pfff, dumb ranters. lol.

Its like any other aftermarket or tsuru, sunny, or whatever bumper you want, Its to make the car look good, unique, and change it up a bit from the millions of other sentras out there on the road.

Again I like it and I think im gonna give it a shot but mine will be painted all one color to match the car. Its the two tone that throws off the lines and looks.
2012-10-23 00:40:25
Originally Posted by Kyle

For Todd, this is a touchy subject.

Just keepin' it real.
2012-10-23 09:33:07
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
Am I the only one who doesn't like this bastardization? The lines just don't look right to me. The front fenders and bumper of a B13 pinch inward at the nose whereas the G20s comes straight out. It makes the G bumper corners jut out. Not to mention the G20 bumper looks deeper, the exact opposite effect of JDM "stubby" bumpers, of course I hate those too.

Fer cripes sake, stop trying to make it look like something it's not. It's not a G20, it's not a Tsuru, it's not a Sunny! It's a god damned Sentra, love it for what it is, a 20 year old economy car that happens to be a blast to drive.

Thank you for your time. End rant.

Pretty strong words but look at your avatar lol. He's not trying to make it look like something else but its not a honda we don't have thousands of aftermarket suport for our cars. I like this mod I may do it to my B13 if I ever decide to start working on it again.
2012-10-23 12:19:39
thanks for all the support guys! I wanted to break my car out of the cookie cutter mould, but still retaining that OEM+ upgraded look. and to show you all that this is a great alternative to the other JDM bumpers. patience, i'll have the completed bumper done soon enough and I will show you all!!!
2012-10-29 02:04:06
I'm definitely going to do this to my b13. I was going to but the b14 fogs in, but maybe i can get the b14's in the p10 with some dremeling.
2012-10-30 20:30:06
This is great I'm glad people are trying things like this
2012-11-01 14:47:14
I don't like it. It gives the vehicle an over-bite, much like the 91-92 USDM bumpers.

As for "looking different than the millions of other Sentras..."

Where the hell are you seeing millions of Sentras? Outside of Conventions, I see one about every three or four months, and it is almost always a beat-to-shit, run-down, dented, paint-peeling, headliner sagging, steel-wheels, rolling clap-trap of a vehicle. Thee only thing you really need to do to differentiate your Sentra from the "millions of others" is have it clean and with shiny paint. That alone will make it look waaaaaaay different than an average Sentra.
2012-11-02 16:44:47
^LOL, the truth!!
2012-11-02 17:37:38
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