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Thread: What's the biggest offset usable.

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2011-08-20 18:00:30
What's the biggest offset usable.
I was thinking of purchasing a tire and wheel package, I am defiantly into the deep dish look something moderate not too crazy so I just wanted to know what is biggest offset we can use with these cars without having issues.
2011-08-20 18:04:47
biggest offest?
2011-08-20 18:16:01
Trend setter. Reverse hellaflush.
2011-08-20 18:17:10
Originally Posted by javcrodgz
biggest offest?

I am not really sure what I'm asking really I just assumed that deep dish rims were using a negative offset. Is the deep dish just the style of the rim? I never got into the rim game. I did do a little reading on tire rack but I am trying to get a lil feed back from you guys. Some pictures would help too.
2011-08-20 18:34:34
Usually the real deep dish wheels are very low or negative offset. Those kinds of wheels dont look too good on our cars which come with a high offset. Negative offset on a sentra would put the wheels outside the fenders alot which is NAGL. Depends what fitment you want.
2011-08-20 18:47:48
i had 15x8 +20 offset on my b13 fit well . looked good dropped too
2011-08-20 19:28:24
Just FYI, this is deep dish. AKA concave. Traditionally, deep dish wheels have very little or no "lip" at all.
Deep dish refers to a satellite dish shape, not a pizza pan shape. =]

"Deep lip"" or "big lip" is completely different and can be had with straight, concave, or convex spokes.

Now, what exactly are you looking for?
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2011-08-20 19:43:05
2011-08-20 20:00:48
Most aggressive offset I would go up front would be +26mm offset. This pokes a little, but doesn't look ridiculous and out of place. It also does not rub on normal lowered setups, but rubbing has never been a problem up front really. It will kick up a lot of road grime onto the side of your door and windows with any decent amount of steering input so be prepared.

With decent fender rolling in the rear and still a normal drop in suspension you can get away with +32mm or maybe +30mm offset and avoid any rubbing. It will be flush with the body work with normal alignment settings.

If you're going to stretch tires and go with silly camber, you can probably get away with more. If you're going to modify the rear suspension components then you can probably get away with ever more again.
You'd have to talk to Russell or others about that though.
2011-08-20 20:14:49
It has everything to do with the tire size, your drop, and camber setting. Anything is possible, just dependent on how you set it up.

For Example:

BBS RS 16x7.5+14 fronts & 16x8.5+14 rears wrapped in 195/45/16

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