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Thread: Speedo quit on me after clutch job...

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2011-04-10 19:47:50
Speedo quit on me after clutch job...
Ok, replaced my clutch, everything is back together fine. Speedo doesnt work now.

Cable is fine and so is the cluster. I actually jacked my car up and ran it in first gear as i was looking in where the cable screws into the trans and it was not spinning. Any ideas?
2011-04-10 20:22:32
The speedo cable may have been damaged and that is why it isn't spinning. It is also possible that the pinion gear was damaged during the process and is not being engaged. I would first take out the speed sensor, and with the cable still attached turn the gear if the gear is intact. If the dash end of the cable doesn't spin then it's the cable. If the gear is damaged or the end of the cable does spin, you will have to try to find another speed sensor and swap it out.
2011-04-10 20:27:21
The problem is in the trans somewhere. I have access to both ends of the cable and it spins fine. If i unplug it from the cluster and drive the car It will not spin. So this tells me its something in the Trans.

What could i have done while removing the trans for a clutch job, that would now stop the speedo from working? I have came to the conclusion that the problem is in the trans and im prolly gonna have to remove it again to fix the problem.
2011-04-11 03:43:57
Did you just unscrew the cable or did you take the speedo "sensor" out? Sounds like the sensor teeth got stripped, they're just plastic so it's not hard to do. I had to order one when I did my last tranny and IIRC it was around 20-30 bucks.

You also might check and make sure the cable is properly installed in the sensor, it's got a nub on the cable that fits into the slot in the sensor.

Also, what year is the car?
2011-04-11 06:07:38
check if the cable sits in the little grove on the tranny part
2011-04-11 16:50:13
Sometimes the cable seperates if you lower the tranny without taking it off. That little plastic piece in the middle of the cable is a union and just needs to be pushed back together. This happened to me once and my car wouldn't go off 2step. Push it back together and everything was fine. I don't see how you could damage anything in the tranny by just changing the clutch.
2011-04-11 18:07:53

I was snooping around and decided to try and remove the speed sensor in the tranny to see if anything looked suspicious. I went to tighten the bolt that secures it into the trans and turns out , IT WAS LOOSE! So my guess is the whole sensor had backed out just enough to where the teeth were not making contact. So now I am a happy camper. Until I go to screw the cable back in and the thing has vanished!?!!?! the sleeve is stil there but the actual cable inside is gone!

I guess driving it for so long with the cable disconnected it probably slid out and now its sitting on the side of some road somewhere. So now I wont be able to tell if I have fixed my problem, damn.

So anybody have a speedo cable laying around they could give me, lol?

Pending possible fix....
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