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Thread: Anyone put shocks on there trunk or hood?

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2011-01-11 21:03:03
Anyone put shocks on there trunk or hood?
Im more concerned with the trunk than the hood. My springs are worn and wont hold the lid up and the hinges are ALL jacked up. before I go out and buy a shock i just wanna see if anyones done all the dirty work already so i dont have to. Lol.
2011-01-11 21:11:19
im interested in seeing this as well
2011-01-14 01:23:50
Hate to disappoint you, if you have actually looked in the trunk, there isn't any shocks, or springs...... key word is torsion bars. They work wonderfully, one must have one come off. Look under there, you will see what I mean......
2011-01-14 01:40:23
I did it. not very well mind you. its hard to find a good place to mount then so that they assist you through the whole movement. my trunk gets heavy at the bottom.
2011-01-15 01:20:49
I was thinking about doing this for the hood, I work at an auto part store so I have access to quite of few of these. I'll look up some lift supports for other small, similarly shaped and weighted hoods and see how hard it would be to fab some up, some of them come with brackets where you could just drill holes and bolt them in.
2011-01-15 06:29:28
2011-01-15 15:35:02
Originally Posted by MrMagoo
They work wonderfully
Until the right torsion bar mount disfigures and then you're fucked. It is a very common problem with age of the B13.

There is a How To for trunk struts I have saved in my Bookmarks from the old forum. Okay it isn't a How To, but it's pretty informative.

Here yah go: Make your trunk feel lighter: - SR20 Forum
2011-01-15 16:09:22
Torsion hanger broke while I was under the trunk installing the subs, that fkn hurt. Very common problem on b13's.
2011-01-16 08:40:15
LanceSR20 had Tein hood struts iirc.
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