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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2013-11-03 01:26:43
Originally Posted by 93se-r
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
Sprung the SE-R from the garage tonight for a liquor store run and had to show a broke ass, lowered 90's Accord who the boss was. Yeah pal, that's a classic tag...

Ahhh, the simple pleasures in life. An education for the clueless of society, courtesy of your mechanical best friend, AND a liquor store run. PERFECT!

Made me feel like king of the neighborhood for a moment. And remember... Liquor may be quicker, but wine sho is fine!
2013-11-03 02:03:43
Installed tsuru lights and grill. Put led bulbs in my side markers.
2013-11-03 15:50:28
Pulled old Speed sensor out
2013-11-03 17:31:13
Manually held in my fifth gear pop out from Michigan to Georgia. By the time I got to Tennessee the car was no longer liking the situation so much. It got harder to hold it in fifth gear for a long amount of time.

I'm just happy the car survived the trip and I was able to use fifth gear for most of the way.
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2013-11-04 19:47:41
Replaced the leaking seal inside the GA distributor and cleaned the TB
2013-11-04 20:18:19
looked at it, thought about working on it.... went inside and made a cup of coffee instead.
2013-11-04 22:39:26

I'm just over here having pipe dreams about mine. Trying to make them real. Meh.
2013-11-04 23:11:40
drove it hoping the headgasket holds a little longer before i get a truck and can take it all apart at a later date for the build
2013-11-05 14:23:27
Another fine day in the SE-R. Amazing what joy a 20+ year old "economy box" can bring.
2013-11-08 00:34:29
Borrowed a friends car hauler to go up to PA to pick up my 94 SE-R on Saturday
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