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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2013-02-26 05:47:11

What did i do to my b13 today? I got it pulled over cause my 2" piping was too loud -_-
2013-02-26 12:27:04
Damn, I have 3". My car is very loud on the inside at least. Doesn't seem too loud on the outside.

Originally Posted by b13

What did i do to my b13 today? I got it pulled over cause my 2" piping was too loud -_-
2013-02-26 12:38:35
I probably will on Sunday, when I get back in town from my trip. I'll post them to the Members Ride section under " In The Works"

Originally Posted by Storm88000
I love it, can you post more shots from different angles?
2013-03-03 20:11:30
Rolled the XE over to 81k. Rackin' em up!
2013-03-04 00:40:43
Installed CF Hood, Trunk, Roof antena, blue radiator hoses
2013-03-04 05:15:23
not my b13 but I did a headgasket, port job and wire harness clean up on a friend's XE-R:

fun little sleeper
2013-03-06 01:53:14
Within the last couple of weeks:

- Completed wiring on my Innovate Oil Pressure and Water Temp Gauges.
- Replaced cluster water temp sender (single blade). No more jittery water temp gauge readings.
- Turned fuel pressure down closer to 3bar (~46psi is close as i could get it).
- Welded on a proper sized 1" nipple to my intake pipe for my recirc valve. No more compressor surge.
- Changed out all worm gear clamps to T-bolt clamps.
- Changed out oil seal on distributor.
- Set timing.
- Re-sealed valve cover.
- Oil/filter change.
- Changed timing chain tensioner to newer type.
- Re-grounded o2 sensor to IM.
- Re-grounded MAF to IM. Let's just say HUGE difference! WAY smoother running, noticeably better fuel economy, hesitations almost completely gone. Best free fix i've done by far...

To-do in the near future:

- Check and clean spare IACV, AAC valves. Replace.
- Splice in Harness and change out stock Water Temp sender.
- Set idle to 1k rpm.
- Change out distributor O-ring.
- Reset timing.
- Run hose from IACV breather on IM to nipple below recirc valve.
- Install VE valve cover.
- Run hose from VE cover PCV to IM PCV.

Lots to do, not so much time to get it done. Steady as she goes...

aka hawaiiaNX
2013-03-07 06:45:31
Ran some extra 1/0 2 extra fise holders, ring terminals.... And 2 rear batterys. Now lets hope voltage holds up haha
2013-03-08 23:44:04
Working on reviving the parts car. Finally got radiator support off.

2013-03-09 08:24:19
Installed N1 cams and S&Rs at Final Speed Garage.
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