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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2011-12-26 16:26:32
Installed head unit. Going to pull rear speaker deck out and cut for my spare 6x9's. Pulled off the valve cover sanding the rest today and painting. Have to put new seal on it anyway so thought that I may as well paint it.
2011-12-27 01:57:26
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
No more cold, hard steering wheel.



I have the same wheel in my car.. But i dunno what it came out of lol.
2011-12-27 18:44:36
picked up a new cluster bezel so i don't have to look at the hole where my mss and boost controller used to be.
2011-12-27 23:28:01
Originally Posted by rustbucket
Woke up this morning car wouldn't start, called out of work to fix it. half the day gone ended up being bad grounds and the engine was flooded. Either way its alive again for now. Just 1 more unexcused day lol 2 this year not to bad for a 20 year old car that daily drives 300 miles a week.

Went down again, this time and possibly the last time too it was the ignition switch. went to a junk yard and pulled one all is good.... for now.
2011-12-28 02:34:49
hit a curb so freaking hard that i bounced into the door frame and got a concussion and spent the night in the hospital.
2011-12-28 03:03:19
ordered new springs, an ECU and bought some wire for battery relocate ..

yesterday I pulled the old hypercoil springs off, and the koni struts.. one of the front struts was leaking and it looks like i'll be putting my koni yellows in the front after my new springs get here.

Also, i finally slid a koni red into my spare rear strut housing, I have been waiting to do it for the sake of getting an exact measurement on the set that was on my car.
2011-12-28 04:54:04
i changed the oil and replaced the valve cover gasket yay lol
2011-12-28 13:42:01
Took Measurements In The Trunk For A Custom Sound System .
2011-12-28 18:00:33
Track bumper...

2011-12-28 18:04:36
Originally Posted by ME-BN-ME
I have the same wheel in my car.. But i dunno what it came out of lol.

It's a S13 steering wheel....
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