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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2010-12-11 13:01:08
I can't drive as well if I'm in boots compared to regular shoes... I have these one shoes that have circles on the bottom and those are horrible for driving.. My foot always slips off!

Today I finally raced my brothers 07 altima 2.5.. I was happy because I haven't had a chance to get on it in a little over a week compared to everyday before..
(race is on my youtube)
2010-12-11 15:35:55
I will be dropping a tranny today in the cold. Doesnt that sound like fun

But its all needed for the final product coming soon......
2010-12-11 19:56:42

I cursed it for being blown up and not drivable and having to part it out... I miss driving it...
2010-12-11 20:07:49
Just stared at it in disgust and sadness at missing it. I think I decided that since the only thing I've sold off it in the last month is the clutch pedal that I might just keep it and fix it a little over time. Maybe I'll try to get a VE for it and have a VE-T. Idk. It makes me sad
2010-12-12 04:37:01
Bought it a trickle charger to keep the pc680 fresh and took the bumpers off to get resprayed.
2010-12-12 16:16:44

Finally I Finished Dropping The Motor Into My B13 .
Wired It Up .
Added Fresh Fluids .
Charging The Battery So She Can Start Up .

2010-12-13 00:37:46
Washed/cleaned interior/engine bay/installed new radio in the freezing cold! Brrrr!...put in nismo T-stat & H.I.D's light blue....Mmmmmmmm .....VE head waiting to go on the DET Block...:*.....might go check out the street scene....
2010-12-13 02:03:51
we installed msd8969 rpm switch
2010-12-14 02:31:15
replaced the alternator...... ugh
2010-12-14 02:57:11
Originally Posted by vqman
replaced the alternator...... ugh

It's annoying huh... I remember having to do it twice on my bros b14 and there is no room to have it come out..

Today I drove it to the post office then to the store for a total of about 3 miles lol
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