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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2015-12-23 15:47:37
What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?
Took it to a jdm meet

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2015-12-25 02:01:16
2015-12-25 19:56:41
Car looks great mickey
2015-12-25 23:58:19
Originally Posted by nissansr20nx
Car looks great mickey

Thank you sir!

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2015-12-26 01:16:13
Looking even better
2015-12-26 13:32:33
On the 24th, my Dad and I dug into the next project - fixing a water hose leak under the IM.

During our exploration, we found a thickly-oil-coated plenum and a surprising amount of oil in the runners.

We also found lots of otherwise-inaccessible hoses and pipes that I've ordered for replace, and decided to remove the EGR.

Album - https://goo.gl/photos/WrVs7qFkeesLKfMP7

2015-12-27 14:33:23
Dang good work Vorin! You have any spare b13 parts?
2016-01-02 03:37:37
Plenum and Runners are squeaky clean!

Anxiously awaiting for the orders for all of the replacement hoses that I'm replacing while the IM is off.

I don't have any spare parts to speak of.
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2016-01-03 19:15:25
Tore down spare transmission, inspected, replaced 5th completely with hub, synchro, and gear. Reassembled and swapped onto the 4 door b13. No more 5th popout until 6 speed is on. I'll replace 5th on the new "spare" at a later date.
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2016-01-11 14:48:43
Photo Album - https://goo.gl/photos/R5DSf4h3SozcCt6L7

I got the car back together with new water hoses under the IM, freshly-cleaned plenum and runners, thermal spacer between the head and runners, fabricated egr blockoff plates, new rubber hoses for PCV, TB coolant, IM coolant fuel inlet and return, and vacuum lines (but not heater hoses, still looking for those), cleaned up PCV, deleted EGR and BPT...

And it wouldn't start. The fuel filter and inlet were getting pressure, but the fuel return wasn't. After ordering a new FPR and installing it the problem remained. I had the intake and return lines switched.

So then it would start but idle high and strangely. I drove it around and the strangeness persisted. The idle might be steady (but rough) at 1k or hunting and searching all around and as high as 2.5k. Giving just a touch of throttle would cause it to rev way higher than it should, and giving it throttle and clutching out while it was already idling high would sometimes cause it to miss and the revs to nosedive.

I was thinking IAC/AAC or ECU troubles, when a wiser man suggested checking for IM air leaks, which we found at cyl 4.

I figure I'll need to loosen all of the IM bolts, including its brackets, then re-mount it and tighten it down starting at the head, then working my way to the plenum, then the plenum's gaskets as well as using the order here - [url]www.sr20-forum.com/general-sr20/24112-how-cleaning-intake-manifold.html[/url]

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