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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2015-06-22 01:07:12
Finished my B14 seatbelt mod by removing my B13 door seatbelt retractors.

Now my doors are 7 lbs lighter each. Hopefully that'll help my hinges last.

I had to leave this bracket in so that I could mount the trim piece.



I also successfully removed the tint from the 4 side windows, but the rear window is turning out to be a huge bitch. Also, I may have put a couple of horizontal scratches in that window...
2015-06-22 07:09:46
Don't scrape it. Cover seats and rear deck with plastic, spray ammonia(search tearoffguy) on the tint, bake it in the sun, and it peels off.
It can help keep the defroster intact as well.
2015-06-22 11:22:04
that's what I did up to this point. Now I'm trying some goof off stuff plus elbow grease.

maybe I'll do another round of ammonia trashbag soon.
2015-06-23 00:15:09
Changed my injector screws to bolts from Autotech Motoring

2015-06-23 01:24:09
Got these at the convention
2015-06-23 02:35:22
Got this in the mail today... One step closer to the peverbial "jiggy with it." I think I will not use that fan though

Also installed a little shallow 8" all in One sub/amp/enclosure under the passenger seat. I'll write up a quick review later once I tune the system as it does fit very nicely.
Last edited by zeneffect on 2015-06-23 at 02-46-36.
2015-06-23 16:30:40
Installed a new radiator today on the LE-R. Original decided to pop an end tank during lunch Friday. I forget how easy it is to work on these cars sometimes. Had the radiator swapped out and coolant bled of air in only 20 minutes!
2015-06-26 00:30:46
Over the past couple days I installed new strikers, striker covers, headlights, and corner lights.

Old Striker

New Striker/Cover


New light with saran wrap vs old light after that miracle wipe thing

New corner vs old corner

50/50 shot

2015-06-26 19:48:58
^^^where did you get the strickers and covers from??
Last edited by 92_sEnAtRa on 2015-06-27 at 01-35-58.
2015-06-26 20:02:56
Bought them from Infiniti

Part Numbers - 80570-85E1A for striker, 80572-AA300 for the cover
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