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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2011-06-15 02:04:57
over the weekend, I disassembled my short shifter and added some nylon washers between the linkage and the shifter itself, this still did not fix the rattling.

I then changed my oil and went from a synthetic blend to Mobile 1. The drain plug, oil filter and oil cap were all EXTREMELY tight.. I changed my oil last, makes me think the people who put on my summer tires last week tightened the crap out of them to make it hard for me to change my own oil, in hopes maybe that I'd bring it to them in the future.. it took an hour to get my damn oil filter off ..grr.. i have never had that much trouble.

lastly, i had my rotors turned and I installed my carbotech pads, then bedded them with their bedding procedure (sans racetrack).. my car stops MUCH better now.
2011-06-15 02:37:10
Drove my b13 to get some food lol First time I've been able to REALLY drive for about a week now since my b14 is a little bitch and has a bad clutch LOL Did a pretty fat burn out with plenty of smoke since idc about the tires that are on there now lol. Feels good to go to a cut shifter (about 8in off) from a stock one lol
Now I'm going to go outside and take out all the misc things that are in there like the speakers since I don't even have a stereo in it anymore
2011-06-15 04:12:34
Took out about 100 pounds of random stuff I had in it lol
2011-06-15 04:23:30
Took a razor blade to all the clear-coat failure areas. Looks SO much better, just scrape off the clear coat and you're left with a flat color. Blends in a lot more with the good paint, and I bet it'll look pretty decent after a wash/buffing.
2011-06-15 06:17:57
Installed new speedo cable
2011-06-16 09:43:48
Looked at it and decided I need the money more than the 2 cars.. Time to make a list of what I recently changed to put it up on craigslist....
2011-06-16 20:51:35
2011-06-16 20:57:41
working my way to pulling the head.

2011-06-17 06:22:28
Originally Posted by pl510sss
Removed the most annoying buzzer\chime
Now I can play music while working on my car with the buzzer going off

If anyone is curious where it is.
It's right behind the gauge cluster and looks like this

I always wondered where that was.. now i need to remove it!
2011-06-17 20:35:26
Unfortunately put it up for sale....
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