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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2022-03-22 22:36:32
Partially bedded-in the brakes on a drive where I encountered a nice C7 Z06 'vette doing some street racing with a couple of sport bikes; all sounded really mean!
I happened to see the 'vette on my way home. He won the two 30-rolls, but the bike took the one 40-roll.

On the second drive, the alternator light turned on, so I turned home right away.

Today I finished replacing the alternator, which also gave me access to the wire that engages the ac compressor clutch wire, which has given me trouble in the past. Soldered the wire together where the previous owner had used a thing apparently called a posi-tap. I'm not familiar with that product.
Wire should be good now, which hopefully will have my ac working properly! We went through so much trouble to keep the ac while turboing it, but the ac only worked for like 300 miles afterwards - so frustrating!

I also had to remove the coolant neck in order to make enough room to get the alternators out/in. I saw posts that said that this wasn't necessary for some people, but I'm pretty sure I had to do it based on where my block sits in relation to the chassis.

New alternator, new belt, topped off coolant, so I'm looking forward to a drive after this rain stops and everything dries up.
2022-03-30 23:31:33
Another drive and I think the brakes are pretty well bedded-in.

AC didn't work, so I continued troubleshooting. I can short the contacts (3 and 5) at the relay to engage the ac compressor clutch(even with car off), I confirmed that the relay works, and I probed the contacts in the relay box.
I confirmed that the contact has 12v when the car is running and that the contact which the ecu grounds to trigger the relay is never being grounded regardless of ac/fan switch setting. I also checked continuity to the ecu connector and peeked into the ecu again to make sure I didn't mess something up when I installed my nismotronic.

The upside is that it has blown cold air for the first time in years!
That's comforting me to me that I can at least cool myself off during my drive to Alabama here in 6 weeks.

I'd love to fix it properly if I can figure out why the ecu isn't triggering the ac compressor, but otherwise, I'll rig up a way to manually make it go when necessary.

I believe I properly tested the compressor thermal protection switch, so I guess the pressure switch, and a lock protection circuit(?) are next on my list.

edit: new favorite theory - the "thermo control amplifier" which acts as a switch that disengages the compressor when it thinks the evaporator is frozen up.
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