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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2018-12-12 10:07:45
Originally Posted by projectmk3
No problem man.

I was thinking the same thing (waiting to get better wheels and tires) but I’ve been encouraged by many experienced drivers to do the opposite. The reason behind that is because you want to seriously get to learn yourself as a driver before modification. I know this is painful for some of us who have been struck by the ‘Mod Bug’ but driving your car as it stands would really make a difference in the long run.

So this is what I plan on doing and would encourage you and others do the same (willing to have my plan if given enough reasoning other than some mods are cheap)

I’m driving the car this upcoming season on my current setup which is b14 ser wheels which are 15x6.5 (and heavy AF) with a set of 205/50/15 Nitto Neogens. I may even ride on them the following season depending how the tires look at the end (not sure how many events I’m going to actually be able to attend although I plan on making it out to as many as possible). From there I’m going to keep the same wheels and replace the tires with a good summer set (not considering RE71r just yet but something between those and the neogens) then when I run through those I’ll consider either RE71r with the same wheels or a 15x7.5ish wheel. Wouldn’t even be bad to see how they handle on the stock 6.5s before getting wider wheels.

The point is to learn where my hiccups are and better my driving before adding anything that will enhance my driving. Mods can make a car quicker but a better driver will make it even faster.

Thoughts? (Sorry this went off topic kinda lol)

No I totally agree. I think you're plan is definitely the way to go. I'm just still running extremely cheap 185's on the 14's so I would like to atleast get up to a 205. I had originally thought about buying a set of B14 wheels but between them being hard to find and the cost to just buy the wheels I want to run, I'm just going to buy wheels and tires. Just kind of one of those tough decisions I guess.
2018-12-13 23:29:29
I totally agree. I’ve faced situations like that and I’m sure it won’t be that last you or I ever come across. I’m sure you’ll be happy either route you end up taking.

Getting back to the original intentions of this thread......

I drove my car to a training class for work today and stopped at Starbucks. The guy ringing me up pointed outside and murmured indirectly with his eyes glued on the car yet facing me asking if that was my car out front. So I looked over my shoulder to see which car he was pointing at (keep in mind that I was the only one in the store, and my car was the only one in the parking lot) so I said yes. Next he followed with the most common question I get “cool car, what kind of car is it?” So I chuckled and told him. He was surprised and said he’d never seen one before.

I don’t know if I should enjoy those moments or few disrespected lmao
2018-12-27 12:30:50
Details and more progress to come, but I've gone from this:

To this so far:

2018-12-31 15:19:38
Lots of progress over Christmas Break!

Started with an engine block on the stand and the valve cover in pieces

Ended with a complete engine in the car, but needing to figure out intercooler routing and installation.

Details here - B13 Sentra SE-R rebuild + turbo progress over Christmas
2018-12-31 22:38:26
Loving the progress Vorin! nice work!!
2019-01-28 19:51:37
Whelp retiring mine from DD turned into retiring its ownership.....sold mine

Bitter sweet moment as I worked on tearing the oem Tsuru headlights off the car......new owner asked me the same thing my wife did when I walked back into the house with them in my hands “what are you going to do with them if you don’t have a b13?” (Wife emphasized it a bit more lol) and the answer is “I didn’t want to settle on the negotiation and they held some sentimental value as they were part gift”.....not to mention that at least I’ll have a head start for when the time comes and I can buy another

I’ll be popping in anyway. Hopefully I can help in one way or another, I know eventually I’ll land my cheek in the seat of another.
2019-03-04 11:09:08
I sorted out the electrical connectors and finished up the battery install in the trunk, torqued down the exhaust joints, loaded up a new tune, and got it going!

First time driving it since early June 2016.

After a quick car wash and limp across town:

It still needs a corrected tune because when I tried to adjust the Nismotronic for the new injectors, I didn't do it right (which I didn' realize until later.)
Also, the wideband wasn't behaving properly for me. I couldn't get it to calibrate in open air, and when I drove it, it didn't want to finish its warm-up process.
I might need a better power/ground for it to really work properly, even though it was working before.
Also, in that second photo, you can see some coolant leaking out. This is because I used an NPT fitting for the turbo water barbs, but apparently the correct fitting is M14x1.5

So, 5 steps forward and about 2 steps back, lol
Last edited by vorin on 2019-03-04 at 11-26-36.
2019-04-02 21:54:43
I have been trying to find those fog light covers
2019-04-09 14:18:39
Drove to work.
2019-05-12 18:01:03
Installed a power window kit. No more reaching across the passenger seat
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