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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2018-06-14 22:25:10
Took it apart..

2018-06-14 23:37:24
Originally Posted by Kyle
Neat! Just a simple refresh or are we getting fancy pistons or rods involved?

This post still holds pretty true - https://www.sr20-forum.com/members-rides/!74872-vorins-92-se-r-aka-quottwo-tonequot.html?post_id=1032230#post!1032230

I've bought a bit more since then, but the whole thing took a back seat to some other priorities. For instance, buying a house!

The goal is T-28 turbo and 250 very drivable horses. I'm focusing on realistic goals and reliability, not top dyno numbers. The trans has been good, but I'm going to check the local yards to see if any spec-v transmissions are there for the picking.
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2018-06-15 18:35:04
My compliments to the fresh rebuild you have coming.

Oh ya, drove mine to work.
2018-06-22 21:50:07
Installed a new alternator and battery....
2018-06-23 15:32:54
Drove around moar today. W00t.
2018-07-06 17:37:34
Diagnosed the cause of the rod knock, got block cleaned, crank ground, JB Weld Trans

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2018-07-10 23:19:00
Well shit, the new head I bought on ebay (because it was nearly half the price of my local shop reworking my existing one) got damaged during shipment.

The piece that the dizzy mounts to broke off, and I think it's far enough to be where the distributor's O-ring meets the head. I need to figure out if it's worth trying to repair, or if I need to try to get a full refund.

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2018-07-11 13:48:38
chamfer, weld, skim, profit
2018-07-11 18:09:13
That sucks. No one seems to know how to pack things.
2018-07-11 23:03:43
The first shop I spoke to said that welding would warp the cap, which is linebored with the head during manufacture.

But the o-ring on the dizzy seems to be deeper than where the damage is, so the mating surface would be intact.

Right now I'm tempted to JB Weld it, since the grain is still there, and it should mate up well.

But I'm also getting another opinion of a local shop.
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