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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2015-10-14 02:00:54
'Ol Red(The B14) is being a bitch lately ,so shes grounded and in Time-out....

so....I drove the B13 today for the first time in almost 2 months.Gonna Daily it for a few weeks since the weather has been nice,and bug-free.
I always forget how much more I like the B13 until I get back in it after driving the B14 for a while.
2015-10-14 02:27:49
Originally Posted by eggman

I always forget how much more I like the B13 until I get back in it after driving the B14 for a while.

Mind blowing, isn't it?
2015-10-15 18:10:21
Drove B13 again to work. I must be mad!
2015-10-15 19:52:01
Originally Posted by NissanEgg
You have to read the fine print. The amount of coolant loss is so small it is neglible.
Tell that to my car. It seems to lose a quart of water a month just sitting there in the garage, no visible leaks.

Originally Posted by Kyle
BenFenner had his tear for whatever reason. Sorry that is not a slip.
That was the original OEM hoses that finally gave up the ghost and tore.
But thanks for digging up the link for him.
Last edited by BenFenner on 2015-10-15 at 19-58-26.
2015-10-16 04:39:21
I've been DDing my B13 for a month or so now. I love it soooooooo much more than the '00 Q45 I have. Which I'm putting up for sale, incidentally.
2015-10-16 13:13:15
I am switching from B13 to P10 today after an errant rock from the under carriage of a private owned panel van dislodged itself from said vehicle and bounced a cluster of rock and dirt onto my windshield at the exact moment I was in an off-ramp to transition from one highway to another, single-lane, with no where to swerve so I prayed and closed my eyes for a blink, heard the hit and opened my eyes to see yet another hit on my windshield.

I even took a picture because I hate it so much. Going to get filled next week because I am not tearing up wiper blades like my B14 does.

No spider cracks but a few chips are missing. Fuck you lazy, private contractors. (my finger has a bandage on it, it is not fuzzy :P )
Last edited by Kyle on 2015-10-16 at 13-14-28.
2015-10-16 14:49:34
Originally Posted by Kyle
Drove the B13 again to work....becoming spoiled...

I've been really enjoying driving the NX to work every day since I'm slacking on DDB's fuel pump...I think I'm doing it on purpose!
2015-10-17 16:18:05
I can also relate to getting reminded how much fun a B13 is. I've been driving my B13 as a daily for the past two weeks since I"ve been dragging my feet on an oil change for my D40. The B13 is so much more fun than the D40!
2015-10-18 04:45:20
Washed it for this!

2015-10-25 19:52:51
Oil change, ordered a battery, some terminals to do things up nice, and a strip of aluminum I'll be using to make a bracket with.
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