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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2015-10-10 14:32:01
My buddy finally got me in for a much needed alignment! Now I can actually drive the car around instead of up and down the street from time to time.

He was laughing at how bad it was out but I knew it would be bad as everything in the suspension has come off and been replaced with new parts! Lol


Before, haha.


Apparently I didnt take any after alignment pics! Was to excited to drive her! Need to shimmy my exhaust abit as it was scrubbing something on right's!

Also had a chance to check my vss to make sure it was in working order so next is the instrument cluster and if that checks out then something funky is goin on with my harness, Hope it's not the cluster! Should find out tomorrow.
2015-10-11 21:03:04
Got my speedo working! Tested the cluster and vss as described in the fsm and that led me to an issue in my harness. Instead of tracking that down for the time being I made my own harness from the speed sensor directly to the cluster. My wiring originally was correct! Now the speedo is reading like double what I'm driving so I've ordered a dakota digital sgi-5 to correct the speedo issues.


But atleast with the speedometer working I can Rev past 4k rpm. The car is quick at stock wastegate pressure 7lbs time to start taking some logs!
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2015-10-12 19:18:02
Gave her a wash before hibernation
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2015-10-12 19:20:52
Drove mine to work!!!! In before the shit weather starts and the slumber begins for more cars up here.
2015-10-12 19:40:28
Originally Posted by 92_senatra
gave her a wash before hibernation

love your car omar!
2015-10-12 19:41:40
Best B13 of 2015 for a reason!!!!
2015-10-13 14:43:22
Drove the B13 again to work....becoming spoiled...
2015-10-13 15:02:21
Went for a cruise yesterday and got 2 cel's. one for crankshaft position sensor and one for maf also had a code stored for vss that i forgot to clear after getting my speedo working. Never got a chance to do anything after the cruise due to thanksgiving dinner and then passing out immediately after eating, Lol. Gonna check my connections at the maf (z32) and at the dizzy. When I put new cap and rotor on I didnt notice any oil inside, looked very clean. I've got a spare dizzy on my spare motor so worse case scenario swap it over and hope that ones good. Car just died when I came to a stop and wouldn't hold idle, when I restarted her I had to hold the rpm up abit otherwise she'd stall out.
2015-10-13 20:55:59
Originally Posted by Kyle
Originally Posted by NissanEgg
Originally Posted by Kyle
Good call @1fastser

Most folks will tell you to avoid silicone hoses because they slip more easily than rubber. Your call on what part to replace them with. I would buy OEM if possible.

Say what? That's the most ludicrous comment I've about silicone hoses. Never had one issue with them in the past 12 years on my various Nissans and friends' vehicles.
Key is to have all mating surfaces clean and free of corrosion from electrolysis and use quality clamps whether they are worm, wire, or spring clamps.
You can even wipe degreaser on the mating surfaces of the hoses to get the shipped "slippery" feel off.

permeation of coolant through the hose itself and evaporating off without any outward signs of loss of coolant. higher maintenance for sure.

Do a search on here about silicone hoses and find out what I said is true. YMMV component I guess, but I would never use silicone hoses on my car.

here is a short MotoIQ article about how they are not the best for every situation as well. Silicone Radiator Hoses: Not for the Street > MotoIQ - Automotive Tech, Project Cars, Performance & Motorsports

You have to read the fine print. The amount of coolant loss is so small it is neglible.
2015-10-13 21:44:56
Originally Posted by NissanEgg

You have to read the fine print. The amount of coolant loss is so small it is neglible.

"Testing by Gates engineers shows that a Class 8 truck, operating at a temperature of 210°F with a two shift per day driving cycle, would lose nearly five gallons of water each year if it was equipped with silicone hose."

Five gallons is not acceptable.


BenFenner had his tear for whatever reason. Sorry that is not a slip.

Check out these most baller coolant hoses. https://www.dowcorning.com/content/auto/autoengine/coolant-radiator-hoses.aspx

We can split hairs all day or just use whatever you wish to use and call it a day and relax and grab some beers. Because this is opinion territory at this point unless the Gates Corporation can be trusted. Not to mention brand A silicone can vary greatly from brand B silicone. Source, manufacturer, all affect the final product and how it will act.
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