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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2015-08-22 20:37:36

Anyone else manage this on an Na car?
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2015-08-22 21:33:11
Got my exhaust brackets back from powdercoat so I was ready to put my exhaust on, turns out there is roughly 9" between where my resonator ends and the next pipe begin's. Gonna have to call vrs monday and see whats up. I'll probably end up at a local exhaust shop to get them to extend the pipe from the resonator to the proper length. Fack sakes.






edit- Vrs exhaust refunded me some money for the mix up, they were super easy and apologetic for the mishap. Great business etiquette.
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2015-08-22 22:46:19
Put in a b15 clutch, clutchmasters pressure plate, and have the transmission bolted back on the engine now. Going to button up the rest in a few and go for a test drive.


All buttoned up filled with fresh valvoline gear oil and rocking once again test drive shows everything went perfect
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2015-08-22 22:52:58

I'm assuming your not running a CAT. This should be the issue.

Even though my VRS exhaust was long enough to use with or without a CAT. (I'm not using a CAT either)
2015-08-23 12:55:10
Old exhaust manifold -

New SSAC 2.5"-

I wrestled with the hard lines into the exhaust for the EGR and AIV, so in the end, I took the path of least resistance, leaving the EGR in, but taking the AIV out.

Replaced lots of vac line -

The shop didn't have vac line, but they sold fuel line for vac line price, so it at least didn't cost any more.

New Rad Installed! -

Also replaced the oem deli slicer wheels with some B14 SE-Ls with some brand new Dunlop DZ102s.-
2015-08-23 14:58:20
Originally Posted by Haulin200sx

I'm assuming your not running a CAT. This should be the issue.

Even though my VRS exhaust was long enough to use with or without a CAT. (I'm not using a CAT either)

Yea, when I talked to them over the phone we had come to the conclusion that I was goin with a 14" resonator and no cat. I assumed it would be a direct bolt on affair but somewhere along the lines it get messed up. IVe double checked my payment to them and it appears I payed for what they call a off road pipe and they never fitted my setup with this so I'm hoping I can atleast get refunded for that but I bought the exhaust back in March so I dunno. Gonna have someone extend that pipe local as it's definitly not worth sending back to them.
2015-08-25 02:27:24
Useless part today came in today

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2015-08-25 05:00:49
Originally Posted by 91nissanse-r
Gave it fresh paint and wheels this winter

Here is the before

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What's the size of the tires bro? Your car looks good and I like your wheel setup I'm guessing the rims are 8" wide??
2015-08-27 03:35:12
I need to learn how to post pics from my cell, nice work guys
2015-08-28 05:01:12
3" vrs kit is on. Wow what a big difference from having stock piping to 3 inch. N1 cams love it

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