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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2015-07-21 17:28:00
Originally Posted by 91nissanse-r
Originally Posted by DaveM
Originally Posted by 91nissanse-r
Gave it fresh paint and wheels this winter

Here is the before

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Are those sel skirts now and se-r skirts before. Looks good!

Yes they are.
Thanks! Feeling pretty good about it for my first time doing body work and paint.

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Shit looks real good from the pic for a diy paint job.
2015-07-24 21:55:19
Swapped on a set of 15" rpf1 with some fresh nitto rubber
2015-07-25 23:02:40
Got bored waiting for a friend to arrive, so I changed the oil and filter.
2015-07-26 00:11:30
Swapped in white LEDs into my cluster, and pulled my seatbelt light (since I swapped to B14 belts.)

I saw that there was no bulb in the gas light, so I put one in.
I also saw that the "black box" on the back of the cluster wasn't plugged in. That turned out to be the buzzer that rings when the door is open with either the key in the ignition, or the lights on.

I then realized that the gas light was pulled because otherwise it comes on with a full tank, and the buzzer was unplugged because it's annoying and sounds like it's dying.

This would be pretty cool - https://youtu.be/gcPJdwb7xmo?t=76 edit - I found one from the junkyard!

As far as the gas light goes, the true fix is probably this - Problems & Fixes: Inaccurate Fuel Guage
But I'll probably just remove the bulb and fill up after 250 miles.
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2015-07-26 01:24:13
Originally Posted by zeneffect
Swapped on a set of 15" rpf1 with some fresh nitto rubber

2015-07-26 05:19:54
Originally Posted by eggman
Originally Posted by zeneffect
Swapped on a set of 15" rpf1 with some fresh nitto rubber


2015-07-26 05:53:58
Made room in the new garage for the permanent residence. Last week I finally got her to pass emissions all because of the O2 sensor. Its insane how good this whole car still runs.
2015-07-26 23:03:41
Raced against my friends modified and tuned 15 wrx last night. Couldn't shake him completely until about 110mph... Gained a little gap at the top of 3rd but it's not enough... I need more power.
2015-07-27 18:57:51
Rebuilt the driver-side axle with new boots and grease, swapped out the spark plugs with OEM NGKs, and flushed the brake system to get rid of the old ATE Super Blue with Motul RBF600. Will be doing a "track day" alignment on it later today.
2015-08-01 22:34:35
Replaced rear motor mount finally. Removed a prothane and put in a jwt one. Now all but dogbone are jwt mounts. Ale raised rear of car 1/2 inch. Looks much better but until my alignment tomorrow I won't know if it will have had a negative r positive effect on handling. My money is on positive as it should help it to squat better when taking off from the line, and promote a little more oversteer which is not a bad thing to me.
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