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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2011-03-25 02:05:26
8:15 PM: Took the cover off, unfolded the mirrors and put the antenna on......
2011-03-28 00:15:36
Took it to get a bath and put about 15 miles on it.
2011-03-28 06:15:34
Drove it. Hard.

2011-03-30 05:13:54
Finally got around to converting the P11 tranny to cable. No work tomorrow so I should clean it and paint it.

2011-03-30 09:12:49
Finished putting together the new transmission, Have to finish cleaning it up tomorrow...
2011-03-31 15:20:47
redid the headliner again went from grey to black..put new door hinges no more Sagg!woot!!
2011-03-31 16:58:16
Originally Posted by klassickrican
redid the headliner again went from grey to black..put new door hinges no more Sagg!woot!!

Black headliners rock. Mines in black, and had the A-pillars done in black vinyl, black visors, black grab-handles from a Maxima, etc...It's a Bat-Cave.

I got pissed at my Classic because either the PC680 is dead, my battery trickle charger is dead, or my starter is toast. "Green" light means good, fully charged, battery. Always plugged in when I am not driving it. Rrrrrrrr....click..click...click. Rrrrrrrrrrrr.....click. Then, ten minutes later. Rrrr...vroom. WTF? Bah.

So, I called Greg V and ordered the rest of my OEM-plus comprehensive brake-upgrade kit. Which is what any sane individual would do if their car won't start. Buy some more upgrades for an entirely different system of the vehicle. Makes total sense.
2011-03-31 17:34:33
Got my exhaust leak fixed best 20$ ever spent on my car! the guy was leggit let me stay so i can see all work done. and yeah my car is zzzer no noise only when i open the throttle! and thats what i want! and man the car has major power once again! lovesss it!
2011-04-02 07:36:54
2011-04-03 17:17:28
put on tsuru tail lights and sunny gts rear bumper and carbon fiber trunk =]
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