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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2015-03-03 16:35:52
What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?
Originally Posted by Chriscar
Can you get this OEM grille?


I'm pretty sure I can, I will let you know.

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2015-03-03 17:01:01
Cool, thanks. Just to be clear, I'm looking for OEM, not aftermarket, and I need the badge as well.

2015-03-08 21:17:44
Oil change, inspected the passenger side suspension yet again. Bought some mt90 to swap the drivers side axle but got lazy and didn't. It can wait a week.
2015-03-09 16:28:09
Dropped my b13 trans from the car and installed the b15 clutch arm in for my hydro swap. Just waiting on my altima pedal to show up then I can finish it up. One thing I noticed was that I had to drill and tap a hole in the b13 trans for the slave cylinder to mount up, where as my b14 trans already has the appropriate holes to mount the 3/8 spacer and slave.

Here's before I tapped the whole I didnt take one afterwards apparently, b13 trans.

and here is the b14 trans, you can see there are 2 extra holes on the apposing side that allow you to mount the spacer and slave without drilling and tapping anything.


Also started a headlight harness tuck which i havent taken any pics of yet but certainly cleaned the bay up nicely and wasn't to hard to do at all. installed some hid I had laying around! Dave
2015-03-13 13:40:54
Pulled the car cover after stored for a year...preparing for full suspension replacement
and wheel bearing replacement on Saturday
2015-03-15 14:46:38

Stripped the suspension out..was till rolling on factory wheels bearings and hubs at 260,000 miles...
2015-03-15 18:19:12
What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?
My bumper light finally arrived and installed it right away. Got it for 12$. I was a able to get my hands on a old school nismo steering wheel.

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2015-03-16 23:55:47

ordered a set of nt05 205/50r15 @ $89 per tire from tirebuyer.com free delivery, will have them mounted on Wednesday or Thursday.
2015-03-17 17:48:31
Refurbished my steering wheel following @zeneffect 's How To instructions
Ordered a slim fan and sunny radiator inbetween coats as well!

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2015-03-17 18:03:32
just fyi, im at about a year now on my refinish, zero signs of wear and no color loss.
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