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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2014-12-19 06:28:26
Polished a few things...

2014-12-20 17:13:39
encountered an issue yesterday with my TPS. nismotronic was detecting an "out of range" and kept kicking me into 8% throttle opening as the TPS voltage was going out of range constantly causing bucking. corrected parameters and replaced the TPS. gave it a test drive and everything is good.

this leads into what I will post up on Monday. if I had my laptop with me I could have identified this issue immediately and corrected the parameters to limp me home a bit better. now I will have a little something coming up on Monday that is a little different train of thought from the rest of you guys. stay tuned, as a hint, the car will be more "plain" and thus more secure, and I will have instant diagnostics at all times. its almost 2015, lets utilize what we have to the fullest!
2014-12-21 15:18:07
Can't wait to see it Zen!
2014-12-21 15:27:01
I started cleaning the garage so I can have room for a rebuild

Found the NX totally dead. After a jump and some quick diagnosis I found the plastic grommet on the brake pedal for the switch had broken off, keeping the brake lights on. I temporarily repaired it with 4 pennies and some tape.
2014-12-21 15:48:33
Doh, not Sentra ∆∆∆
2014-12-21 23:55:04
Drove the 94.5 LE up to Huntsville to buy a Progress rear sway bar for it and stocked up on some black interior pieces. Been awhile since last time I roadtripped it, so I was like what the hell. Drove 440 miles round trip and averaged 32mpg and 79mph for the complete roundtrip. The little GA happily purred along at 3600-4000rpm with the NX1600 trans final drive.
2014-12-22 13:15:07
full tank of fuel, sta bil storage treated, cover on. Now i play the waiting game........
2014-12-22 19:55:35
installed gauge display


moved to the cubby hole, looks like it fits better there anyways.

moved, night shot. and yes, i do have access to all of nemu from the device as well. single USB connection, removable with zero effort, just disconnect the usb and pull it away as its held with strong magnets.

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2014-12-29 01:06:44
Installed new damper torque kit
2014-12-29 01:13:22
Installed new damper torque kit
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