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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2014-04-26 01:24:36
Cool. I see you are in SC, up here in PA it's 40 degrees and raining right now
2014-04-26 13:39:02
Installed TDMimports sub-frame collars.


2014-04-26 15:29:31
Worth the install karibah? I just remembered I have them from the original group buy
2014-04-26 17:48:24
Its a real PITA to install @weaselman50 but from what I see, its necessary. There is a big gap around the stud when its in the sub-frame.
2014-04-26 17:59:02
yeah there's a huge gap without the spacer. drop one of the juts from the front control arm/sub frame and i bet you will buy it right away
2014-04-26 18:04:59
I know what the gap looks like and I already have them laying around somewhere. I want feedback on if they do much.
2014-04-26 18:28:55
I'm currently installing a new radiator on mine, new grille and new headlights
2014-04-26 21:37:40
Originally Posted by weaselman50
I know what the gap looks like and I already have them laying around somewhere. I want feedback on if they do much.

They're really not that hard to install. Looking at the pics @karibah posted, I think he did a lot more work than was necessary...
As far as feedback, the car feels tighter in turn and over bumps.

There was a small discussion as to what they do in the thread from when I did the test fit/how-to.

Post #22 for feedback and from post #25 on they discussed these things
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2014-04-27 00:34:10
04/26/2014 – Installed OEM front struts (with B13 SE-R A/T & NX2000 M/T front springs with KYB Excel-G dampers and all OEM hardware) and re-aligned the front end back to zero toe. (88,900 miles)

Much better now those old and worn OEM units are given a rest after twenty-two years of service. The springs are different than the ones I installed. I will update when I start to play with those for a rainy day project.

EDIT: I took apart the old OEM fronts and they are indeed original and both dampers were blown. Zero rebound upon compression so I feel like I am on cloud nine now.
Last edited by Kyle on 2014-04-27 at 02-19-32. Reason: updated on old OEM breakdown units
2014-04-27 20:10:48
Well yesterday I decided to go to the junkyard and pull a clean non cracked dash out of a 94 SE R auto.

My dash was the weak link to the interiors beauty!

Dash swap by blkseiciv, on Flickr

Dash swap by blkseiciv, on Flickr

Here's the new beauty!
Cleaned up and vin swapped.

Dash swap by blkseiciv, on Flickr

Dash out!

Dash swap by blkseiciv, on Flickr

My good friend justin connecting all the HVAC and radio controls.
He has smaller hands and more patience then I! Lol

Dash swap by blkseiciv, on Flickr

All bolts back in dash secure and %100 fully functional!

Dash swap by blkseiciv, on Flickr

I conditioned the dash for a nice shine.
While all panels were out I cleaned thoroughly so there isn't a spec of dust.

Time for a suede steering wheel, shifter boot and custom shifter.
Maybe headliner too... We'll see
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