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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2014-04-13 19:52:47
cleaned egr on my car (ga) and fixed a corner light so it fits properly now.

jody said i should post a pic of my piece of doo doo so here is a dirty one from driving the back twisties yesterday

its an old tree grove / nature preserve that im parked at. middle of NOWHERE.

just incase anybody asks, antenna is deleted by replacing the front passenger fender with an aftermarket / crash replacement. its not oem, but fit pretty damn well, there is just 1 bolt you need to add a washer and nut to because oem has a welded on nut and this one didnt.

bought from rock auto btw, so they have them.
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2014-04-14 03:59:50
I was up in CT looking a corvette to buy on thursday night , when i was leaving the guys house my water pump seized up leaving me stranded. A friend drove up from NY with a trailer and towed me home at 2am. Spent most of the weekend working on the SE-R. What a PIA. If I ever do a swap on this car I will be replacing every accessory with a pulley on the motor before it goes in lol

2014-04-14 20:40:12
Originally Posted by deception
What a PIA. If I ever do a swap on this car I will be replacing every accessory with a pulley on the motor before it goes in lol

I agree with that logic! When I did the swap on mine, I did new "everything" on the engine before installation. Starter, alternator, water pump, PS pump. Then my new water pump turned out to be defective after 1,000 miles or so, and I had to install a new one in the tight engine bay anyway. D'oh!


Final preparations for Raven's return to racing this weekend. Infusion of Redline MT-90 gear oil and satisfying test-drive with silky-smooth shifting. Installed the skid plate and fire extinguisher, and test-fitted the Gravel tires for kicks. Looks good - I could get used to the look (and presumably the performance) of the Gravel tires! Getting more and more psyched for this weekend.

2014-04-16 02:33:24
Bought one... Had a '93 in college (Exhaust, Pop charger, KYB/Hyperco's, Whiteline sways) that I regretted selling. This one is a '92 with almost the same mods (minus the sways and exhaust, and Tsuru front end) . A little fender/rocker rust, but the door hinges are clean and it runs halfway decent. I'm gonna tear into it Saturday night and get a list of things I want to replace. I know right off the bat that I need a catback exhaust and new motor mounts, both those have 233k on them haha. It was cheap, and once I find a truck to buy it's just gonna be a track/fun car anyhow

Anyway... Here's what I picked up

And here's what I let go of 5 years ago...

2014-04-16 02:53:07
Welcome back! I like the NX wheels, maybe you can score another set of them to keep that theme going?
2014-04-16 02:56:30
I actually sold those to a friend of mine 5 years ago when I sold the '93. I made a post on Facebook Sunday when I picked up the '92 and he PM'd me asking if I wanted the NX wheels back haha. I think I'll keep the B14's w/ Falken Ziex 205/50/15's on for now, but may switch it up in the winter to the NX wheels
2014-04-18 00:57:38
installed the new hood.

after painting the grill mesh
2014-04-18 02:03:45
nice! what antenna and base is that? im looking to get one

grey dash ftw?
2014-04-18 02:09:32
Originally Posted by zeneffect
nice! what antenna and base is that? im looking to get one

grey dash ftw?

I picked it up off ebay. it screws into the stock base. its a black dash. just looks grey with the lighting in the garage. dash came from my 94 se-r
2014-04-18 02:18:19
that dash looks very grey... damn I was hoping you had one with the base. my antenna is deleted atm, but its going to the back where there is already a hole provisioned for it.
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