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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2014-03-29 13:53:40
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
Originally Posted by Kyle
Got my new "Classic" PA license plate to absolve me from any emissions tests and no more yearly registration fees. I love it compared to the older white background plate with purple lettering.


I believe that your car is the 3rd documented PA classic B13 that we know of, and much deserving.

DAMNIT! I must have missed the cut-off for these new plates. I just called the DMV. I have to send $7.50 and they will send me the new upgraded plate like this one.
2014-03-29 13:54:51
With Todd's white car, I certainly agree with a white plate. However @Storm88000 I think a red car would look nicer with the tri-color plate and represent PA well.
2014-03-29 13:58:48
Yep. I have the same as Todd's, it looks OK, but cops follow me. For real, like into parking lots, wherever I turn, b/c they think its not a legit plate on a Sentra. Then it never fails, after about 4 minutes, they turn off after they run the plate and it comes back legit. I think with this new plate I'll be less likely to be followed as this blends in. I've had them follow me into Walmart parking lots. They park across from me and I get out, as I'm walking into the store I suddenly see them pull away. llol
2014-03-29 15:05:37
What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?
Originally Posted by mickey'SE-R
Are you selling the old one?

Originally Posted by 831v
my led spoiler arrived, and i installed it.
i will be posting my old spoiler for sale soon.

Yea, hit me up if your interested
2014-03-29 17:38:03
Originally Posted by Storm88000
...I just called the DMV. I have to send $7.50 and they will send me the new upgraded plate...

I'll upgrade in a few years....

This will no doubt infuriate the old-school guys.
2014-03-29 22:02:25
Installed new inner and outer tie rods, ball joints, and wheel bearings. OMG!! I love this car even more now! No more howling of death!!! Rides so smooth and also installed the front coilovers, ran out of time at the base shop. I will finish tomorrow and post pics, so far I like them a lot. Megan EZ
2014-03-30 05:37:06
Re: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

Started on a project today. Hopefully will run tomorrow
2014-03-30 06:05:56
@Kyle - I'm getting that plate
2014-03-30 17:25:36
Crossmember is dropped! As I suspected, the stock mount insert is toast. The new Prothane insert will be much better! After that, it's just the front dogbone mount and the car will be completely converted to Prothane mounts.

Those pictures also show my new-to-me Gravel Rally tires, my first set ever! Silverstone Rallye S-505s, can't wait to test them out when the conditions are right for them!
2014-03-30 21:40:44
Finally got the coilovers installed all around, have to drop the front a bit but she drives really well. Now have to order new tires and an alignment.

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