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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2013-11-26 19:12:18
Originally Posted by 93se-r
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
Originally Posted by 93se-r
... Just something about a japanese v8!!


I would have expected a BOC video from you. Lol.

2013-11-27 20:22:34
Originally Posted by Rachel_B13

I can't help but Will love to see more photo's of your setup please

I'll get you some pics as soon as i swap out my valve cover. I have a VE cover on the way and may have some issues with PCV hose routing with my TMIC setup. Once I get that all squared away, i'll get you all of the pics that you like.

And back on track:

- Swapped out my inner door handle. Nice to be able to lock my car again.
- Swapped my B14 SE-R rims and balding tires for some SE-L rims and balding tires. Dunlop DZ101's for sale on tirerack. 205/50/R15 for $64 each! Any opinions on these?
- Un-grounded my o2 sensor from the IM. Long story that I can summarize by saying I have a 3-wire o2. Think about that and i'm sure you guys can figure out what I did wrong.

I really need to check my voltages on my MAF and TPS. Car started doing the "idle drop when clutching as you come to a stop" problem. Thinking MAF may be dying. Want to get that checked out BEFORE I swap in my new Bosch 4-wire o2 sensor (15727). $38 shipped off of Amazon!!!

More updates to come soon...

aka hawaiiaNX
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2013-11-28 05:42:25
Originally Posted by hmumble
My previous car was an I35. Try doing a U-Turn in that car, without stopping traffic. Can never do a complete u-turn without backing up as you would skim your wheels on the curb or just completely run the curb. N

HAHAHAHAHAH, I lol'ed at this, because my L31 Altima SE R is the same way.
2013-11-29 22:38:13
After of couple of choice words and deep breaths, got the clutch cable replaced with a successful test drive....shifts like a hot knife through butta!!
2013-11-30 00:02:49
realized how cold its been and plugged in the battery tender since the b13 is hibernating til april...
2013-11-30 00:26:35
Mines in hibernation too. damn salt
2013-11-30 01:24:01
Was bored so decided to clean up these parts and getting ready to paint the valve cover the same as my roll cage.

2013-11-30 13:45:00
What do you guys use to clean your painted (VE) valve covers? All the stuff I've used has left residue
2013-11-30 16:46:19
Originally Posted by Storm88000
What do you guys use to clean your painted (VE) valve covers? All the stuff I've used has left residue

I always use Aircraft Remover. This paint was easy to take off but if some Valve cover have like winkle paint it may take more time. After I use some soft steel wool to clean it up.
2013-12-04 08:42:02


Xmas present from a fellow SR20 brother. Sold his blown head gasket '93 SER (Auto) for parts but pulled these bad boys off for me.
Probably the only SER in my parts that was cleaner than mine. Aztec Red and shiny.

Helped him change out his crank pulley (OEM separation issue), belts, and switched his test pipe for a hollowed out cat converter on his Avenir-powered 200sx.
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