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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2013-11-21 03:17:53
Originally Posted by dorsey61
Lol I know... ksports goin on 2mrw. @Scrildo

Originally Posted by Agent
Preciate it. Its getting there, but you should really see rogers' set up. Ive never seen a classic as nice as that thing. And it moves out hard.

Who is Roger is he a member on here and if he is whats his username?
2013-11-21 03:41:18
His screen name is @b13sr20BB on here. Dont think there are any pics on here of the completed car but there are a couple of vids. I picked up both my gts bumpers from him and saw it while down there, car has 20v,carbon everything. Shit is nice.
2013-11-21 12:22:31
Oil change.

2013-11-21 12:50:13
Dropped the XE off for inspection, drove the SE-R to work.
2013-11-21 18:01:11
had front left wheel bearing replaced and the pillowball mounts taken off, replaced with OEM front strut mounts.. twas too jarring for me, but did handle well...

going to be putting in a B15 transmission over the weekend and my ASP budget header with the help of friends.
2013-11-21 19:48:29
Originally Posted by hawaiiaNX

Got my Tomei AFPR installed. FINALLY able to turn my fuel pressure down to 3 bar (36psi with vacuum, 44psi without). Does anyone else's fuel pressure go down to 0 shortly after they turn their car off? I thought fuel pressure was supposed to hold at whatever level, even when the car is off? Do I have a leak?

Also re-grounded my o2 sensor to the IM.

Still have a long To-Do list though:

- Clean PCV
- Clean MAF
- Check TPS voltage (i NEED to get me a meter...)
- Set idle
- Check/set base timing
- Reseal gas tank access under rear seat
- Install inner door handle
- Install VE VC
- Finish exhaust
- Extract broken fog light bolt
- Install WRX hood scoop

Not enough hours in the day...

aka hawaiiaNX

I can't help but Will love to see more photo's of your setup please
2013-11-24 01:49:52
Put Raven away for the winter to keep her out of the salt! Doing this from now on to prevent excessive rust.

I'm moving into a new apartment on December 1st which is a what I call a "giant studio" (around 1000 sq/ft) above a three-stall garage. I don't get the whole garage but there's space for Raven and my tools! Awesome for a lot of reasons, including not having to pay to store her somewhere else this winter! Plus I can work on the car all winter if I want to get started stripping the interior and whatnot.

It's been an amazing year with different types of racing plus 14,000 miles of daily-driver duties all year! Storing Raven for the winters ensures that she'll continue to hold up as I move along in my racing ambitions. I intend to install a roll cage sometime next year, and may even compete in Modified-class SCCA RallyCross with a stripped interior just for fun and to get used to Gravel tires. My ultimate plans with this car include Hill Climb (I have New England Hill Climb Club, plus the Mt. Washington Climb To The Clouds if I eventually can qualify!), wheel-to-wheel Rallycross and Stage Rally. Stay tuned!

In the meantime I'll be daily-driving my 200SX SE-R, Jade, this winter as well as taking part in A.M.E.C Ice Racing. I'll be helping organize my region's RallyCross program in lieu of racing that discipline as Jade's too low to RX.

2013-11-24 22:20:16
red-lined to 8,000 rpms
2013-11-24 23:13:59
Originally Posted by dorsey61
Lol I know... ksports goin on 2mrw. @Scrildo

Originally Posted by clean_classic
red-lined to 8,000 rpms

Me too lol damn I love VVL!!
2013-11-24 23:33:44
Originally Posted by clean_classic
red-lined to 8,000 rpms

It's funny, I feel bad going to 6,000 rpms anymore. I used to hit 7,500 rpms every time I left the house.
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