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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2012-12-06 04:46:41
Originally Posted by Nissanb13
Originally Posted by 1fastser

Nice car and pic zerogravity!...^^^

I covered it today with my new cover...early Christmas present! (thanks Tearoffguy)

Where did you get those headlight visit thing to make it look mean lol tht looks clean lmk lol if its cool


I got them from GSRMx on this forum...hit him up!
2012-12-07 07:38:53
Decided to clean out crap from inside...

Tried to clean it up best I could. This was taken about mid way...
2012-12-07 13:54:12
2012-12-07 23:29:47
Lexan windows up next!
2012-12-13 03:41:45
Wired my front speakers!! finally some good sound! sucked just having the back one working
2012-12-14 05:18:46
used adhesive on the weatherstrip around the door lining.. shit was hanging and it looked annoying lol
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2012-12-14 21:37:37
Installed u13 MC. But after I bleed the brakes. No brakes now... So I probably need to bleed them some more...
Cleaned out my trunk.finally as well
2012-12-14 22:35:20
Wow I feel lazy. All I did was drive it for the first time in like 2 weeks.
2012-12-15 04:50:02
fixed my "no break"situation... Now that u13 upgrade combined with the ad22 brakes is a nice touch ... I'm loving my b13 more n more... In a few.months my paint and body work will be done... ...
2012-12-15 14:54:27
Not today, but a couple weeks ago - swapped fuel tank out on my '93 SE-R.
Started leaking slightly when full awhile back, gradually got worse until after a fill-up, had a 3-4 foot puddle in garage next morning.
211k miles, driven in WI winters did it in.
Was leaking from the seam on the front passenger side corner of the tank.

Didn't drive it for a couple months until I found the time to swap it out for a used non-leaking tank. Cleaned up the rust on used tank, painted with rust converter, followed by a couple coats of high temp black.
The swap is not the most fun job to do, but not too bad.

Glad to be driving it again!

Now I have to fix the '98 SE - flex pipe trashed, very loud...
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