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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2012-06-17 01:17:12
upgraded the stock ignition with a msd 6a box and ss coil. The car idles way better now. The throttle response it also improved.
2012-06-17 03:33:33
Originally Posted by Ulysses
very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love how it sounds

Also. where did you get the vents from?

thanks dude..vents are off a Evo 2nd gen..Fit for a classic

File:Black evo2.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2012-06-17 04:07:39
How hard was it to locate them?
2012-06-17 16:13:04
Originally Posted by Ulysses
How hard was it to locate them?

it was a lucky find, a friend worked at a junk yard back in the 90's..he stashed them for years and gave me them in 07..
most people dont like them..But im a function over form kinda guy,they do exactly what they were meant to do, eliminate heat out the engine bay and thast all that matters to me.they also help keep food warm..
2012-06-17 17:26:36
i fied my subs and amps and actually bolted them down instead of the shit rolling around my trunk
2012-06-17 18:26:19
@klassickrican car looks good and sounds great, 2 b13's huh. To bad I haven't been able to experience a legit Ser classic
2012-06-17 19:23:36
Originally Posted by Echo2zz
@klassickrican car looks good and sounds great, 2 b13's huh. To bad I haven't been able to experience a legit Ser classic

thanks man..In time Bro..
2012-06-17 19:41:55
That time of season where the plastic brake pedal sensor stoppers deteriorate and crumble. Fixed both today, was kind of a pita but with the right wits about you it can be done fairly easily.

For maximum clearance I used a wooden stick on the brake pedal lodged against clutch pedal and hvac plastic under dash. Then crazy glued the stopper to a 90 degree flathead screwdriver and popped the sucker in. Took 5 minutes as compared to previous attempts which took forever and caused lower back issues lol.
2012-06-18 20:16:46
What lip is that on the front Klassickrican?
2012-06-19 02:44:26
Replaced my tranny bolts as the old ones snapped in there. Had to tap them out. Smh.
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