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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2012-02-03 00:32:39
replaced the positive battery terminal with a stinger unit that has 0,4 and 8 gauge terminals. also upgraded my main breaker to 150amps after finding the 100amp breaker pops under extended cranking. Picked up some vr1 and a new filter so I can change the oil.
2012-02-03 17:09:47
Rewired my ran relays to run off my aem ems.

Found out my rattle was my timing chain grinding the head
I will replace the tensioner today and see if it Resolves my issue.
2012-02-04 01:02:16
Gave it a bath n drove it
2012-02-04 20:58:21
The XE... I reattached the cable for the fresh air vent, swapped in a black column shroud to match the S13 steering wheel and fixed the squeeky drivers seat.
2012-02-05 06:29:52
So, my 1.6 B13 has had a idle problem for some time ,and today I really wanted it dealt with. I started with making sure I had all the vacuum hoses taken care of after, that I went and took the M.A.F off to check and see if it was dirty. Nope.... So next I started messing with the T.P.S and, at the same time the I.A.V.C. I tried adjusting the screw on the I.A.V.C and it did nothing so I just disconnected it ,and no changes, ran the same. Finally I just drove it to my storage/garage, where I have another B13 just like mine just all tore down with a blown 1.6 pulled out of it. First, I pulled the T.P.S off and swapped it onto mine at the same time grabbed the I.A.V.C and swapped it too. By that time the car had cooled down enough to see if the I.A.V.C was really working, started her up and she sounded way better than before. She idled up for a good two minutes ,and just in a instant the idle dropped amazing!!! She has never ran or idled this well. So, finally today after three years of owning her she runs and drives like a beaut. Not, exact on which one it was but I think neither the T.P.S or the I.A.V.C was working correctly.
2012-02-05 22:21:49
The SE-R... Changed the oil and replaced both coolant sensors. What a BITCH that 2 wire sensor is.
2012-02-05 23:21:17
lowered the front end a 1/2" and straightened up the alignment so it would be drivable. Going next week to have the new rims put on and a full alignment.
2012-02-06 14:02:37
Towed her to the shop to swap my vvl motor in....can't wait to get get back!!
2012-02-06 22:17:42
cleaned the inside of the car out. while its waiting on me to buy it a new tranny.
2012-02-07 03:59:39
Got another one
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