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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2011-12-29 15:00:58
Originally Posted by prtitan06
Got my 4 fog bumper n remove my rear bumper. Took them to get painted.

where did u get the bumper from
2011-12-29 16:11:53
Originally Posted by SunnyB13NJ
where did u get the bumper from

White Steve from CT I think, I have a hookup if you need one.
2011-12-29 17:14:18
Originally Posted by Jimithin7000
White Steve from CT I think, I have a hookup if you need one.

can u get either the 2 or 4 fog bumper . complete with fogs or jus the bumper covers .

pm more details please
2011-12-30 20:02:52
Some fucker hit my rear passenger side while it was parked. First it was my old s13 hatch and now this.

2011-12-30 21:14:23
hit up the junkyard in ontario and fontana ca. found like 5 fatlip b13 bumpers mint i have a 2 fog so no need but i got a 91-92 door panel in mint condition mine where fuked up and no cloth no luck on the driver side tho that one was worn out so fuck it haha
2011-12-30 22:05:58
which one in fontana? off citrus?
2011-12-30 22:19:49
fixed the anti-freeze leaks . i used stop leak and so far its doing its job .

i do need to buy a radiator tho .
2011-12-30 22:20:50
20$ and its yours. ^
2011-12-30 22:29:45
i just ran some errands in it. it was close to 60 degrees out so i popped the tops off and enjoyed a few miles.

2011-12-30 22:47:13
uly im not sure i take the 10 so i get off on miliken its on miliken haha or if not the other one was off cherry by the AAA speedway but to the right and left on slover
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