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Thread: Any interest? Blox Parallel links...

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2010-02-15 21:56:07
Oh, aftermarket parallel links. Didn't glean that from the original post. Also a good idea, when made stronger than the stock ones and with capability to correct rear McStrut geometry.
2010-02-16 05:32:40
ill be in for a set in anodized red like the pic
2010-02-16 08:11:41
I'll take 3 sets. red, gold, and purple.
2010-02-16 14:55:14
any chance for a p10
2010-02-16 15:25:29
Blox makes a quality product. Im all for a quality solutions for our cars. If you have support from a manufacturer, Ill get in line to buy a set. Obviously the Honda arms are not adjustable. For anything to be worth buying would need that adjustment.
Also INgalls already makes such part. But it has shortcomings. Rubber bushings being the biggest one. And they aren't exactly lightweight. They list just over 3lbs for each arm. That is probably heavier than the factory arms. Not a good thing when you are concerned with sprung weight. Strength comes at a cost.

The alternative is Aluminum or Chromoly. These are race only parts with very short service life. You would have to replace or rebuild the ends every 6mo to a year and re align the car every time. They are very noisy. Carry no warranty, and are use at your own risk because you have to have them made.
These are specifically for us that track our cars need to make easy quick adjustments to camber and toe on the rear of the car. You can make them but they are not as cheap as the Ingalls.

I sure hope that BLOX could come up with a 3rd option. I am rebuilding my car this year. In 2011 I will be making a few Redline time attack events and trying for 2 NASA titles.
Im looking for the EASY button.

2010-02-16 15:53:40
Bes count me in ! I have my stock ones boxed in witch helps with strength but I want better adjustability . I also would like to know if these can be made with a heimjoint ends .
2010-02-16 16:17:39

If you need a set of OEM control arms I would be willing to ship you mine. My car is down for the count so I could take them off and send them to you.
2010-02-16 16:35:34
Awesome guys, happy to see some interest. Rob, I'll let you know whats up. I'll definately take you up on the offer once I hear back. Hopefully should get a word back from Mike today.
2010-02-16 17:01:56
If they're functional and not just pretty, I'll take some in black or uncolored.
2010-02-17 06:32:26
Originally Posted by JimR
If someone is going through the R&D to make aftermarket control arms for a niche chassis, make them functional and reach more buyers.

From Mike Kojima's Making it Stick series in SCC.

Suspension Tech - Sport Compact Car Magazine

In other words, our cars benefit from the ball-joint being relocated to a place on the control arm that will correct this shortcoming of a lowered McStrut car. An example:

Suspension Modified Photo

A threaded heim joint ball-joint would be okay, but it would have initial setup and all-weather durability drawbacks for most people. It might be best to make front LCAs with a relocated ball-joint hole that accepts a standard rubber-booted Sentra ball-joint. Press in new bushings and Moogs, and go.

I don't have an open mind to aftermarket LCAs that are only pretty. Don't waste the time. Have them sell ones that work, too.

Thank you. I'm still iffy on these. Although I do want to run low offset wheels some day, I'd really prefer it if these helped handling more.

Being that you are also an autocrosser with WAY more experience than me and more knowledge, if you approve of the actual product I'll be down to buy a set for sure.
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