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Thread: *Post Up Pictures Of Your Classic*

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2011-10-11 19:26:52
nucocolisoz3 out of curiosity but what is up with your moon roof how does yours go above the car like that mine and I think just about everyone else goes under just curious?
2011-10-11 22:14:17
custom sunroof looks way bigger than stock.
mine is aftermarket asc and its huge i love it!! i can stick my body in the car thru it!.
and is also a like one touch button no like the stock open/close up/down and i can have a button to automaticly open it when i turn my car on and close it when i turn it off =D i love it. it leaks as of right now and i can find anyone to put the rubber seal sucks nuts!
2011-10-11 22:53:23
Originally Posted by b13sr20BB
I was thinking the same thing ShawnB, but there was another B13 owner on here that had some 5 star gold wheels on one side and the same wheels in gunmetal gray on the other side...I think it's a style...

The second thing I was thinking is damn, you gonna take up a full page with pics. In anycase, it's still a decent looking car.

There was also a guy quite afew years ago who did this.
I have been waiting for that to become a fad.

After all,you cant usually see both sides of the car at the same time...so why not

It fux with people your car looks different coming and going
2011-10-12 14:26:06
Originally Posted by Jimithin7000
I own the rest of them lol

Orly? :P
2011-10-12 15:49:46
^^^ that's what i was thinking lol
2011-10-12 17:42:06
Lol I was ganna do that too. Put 2 rpf1 rims on one side and 2 gt3 rims on the other. But my gt3 have smaller tire so i was like Fuck it lol.
2011-10-13 22:39:49
Shitty pic but you get the idea.

2011-10-15 07:24:38
looks beasty man
2011-10-16 21:32:39
Thanks bro! Gunna be putting her away till next year hopefully soon.

Shes a filthy whore.

2011-10-16 21:38:11
the car looks great man
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