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Thread: *Post Up Pictures Of Your Classic*

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2011-05-03 21:32:01
This is my sentra. Had her for 5 months. Got it stock for 750$. Upgraded all the brakes, except for the lines. New tie rods, ball joints, full 2.5 pacesetter exhaust system. Regasketed most of the engine, painted the stock wheels black, changed all the bulbs in the car. All new fluids, alignment ect. Much more to come.

1992 Nissan Sentra Ser

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2011-05-04 02:03:29
Looks good man! You still need AGXs?
2011-05-04 02:22:09
OH might as well post up pics of my new toy I picked up last week from a little old lady original owner . Paid $300 for it . Its a
2dr 93xe/limited edition automatic trans no moon roof . Got 108k on the clock and absolute zero rust and almost no dents ! Thank god for 35+ mpgs ! plan on gts bumper and set of RM springs and kyb's as I need this to be as comfortable as heck ! Might swap a sr16 in it later down the line and keep it automatic ( flame me all you want ) for daily diving .

The under side and interior is showroom new cant say the same for the paint its like a chalk board nothing a macco job cant fix .

could someone tell me what a xe/limited editon means ? I thought limited edition came 4dr with power windows and locks ?

Them are 13's but i keep em clean ! lol Dont be scared it prob makes 90whp !

Not a dent in the pinch weld ! The black molding has to go !
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2011-05-04 04:10:29
Originally Posted by Jimithin7000
Looks good man! You still need AGXs?

Thanks a lot brother!! I'm not really too sure what I want to do as far as suspension yet.

I've read and taken notes over this article..
B13 Suspension Diagram with Part numbers - SR20 Forum

but I still havent decided whether agx's or coilovers are the best bet for me.
2011-05-04 05:51:46
2011-05-04 06:07:28
Posting just so I can be on page 100.

2011-05-05 03:24:14
Just a lil shat of my baby..
2011-05-05 03:27:56

2011-05-05 04:06:51
my car in white same rims and eeerrrthing except the datsun badge lol

Originally Posted by ny5speed

2011-05-05 04:09:00
loving the datsun badge, i've actually thought about doing similar things myself
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