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Thread: *Post Up Pictures Of Your Classic*

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2009-03-24 04:40:41
Originally Posted by CleanSER
Nice! I love the NON-Tsuru conversion look!

Originally Posted by Sentrima1600
a.k.a. stock. so many of our classics have it that you consider it a non-tsuru "conversion"


What about the performance aspect of the lighting? I went with the MDM Tsurus because the USDM 91-94 stuff is ancient technology in the headlight world. Then add an HID kit, and you have pretty much as modern lighting as it gets. Which is much safer at night, especially since I am (eventually) moving to the country. Where big critters are oftentimes on the roadways at night.

Is it even possible to modify the 91-94 USDM stuff to ever perform at the level of the 2003 Tsuru/HID setup? I would think that the Tsuru reflector alone would put it out of the performance reach of the 91-94 lights.

Looking at the picture above of the Blue-White-Black Classics, all those front ends look both excellent and OEM correct. And they are all gorgeous. However, I *think* the Tsuru front end vehicle has the highest perfomance lighting.
2009-03-24 05:38:09
thank you, Nicely Said Shawn B.
2009-03-25 19:10:42
true true...that's why i have tsurus on both the sentras =). The SE-R has HIDs on DEPO tsurus and the lighting is perfect (minus high beams...), but the LE has regular H4 bulbs and the beam pattern isn't right so I had to get fog lights to fan out the illumination on the road. The LE's tsuru housings were the smoked ones (Taiwan made) ordered from Dick.
2009-03-25 20:48:36
more more more!! pictures
2009-03-25 20:57:57
more, more, more, please
2009-03-26 08:39:19
Originally Posted by sentraserdet
i got them from a guy he had them in a honda i paid 250 give me stock ser seats and 100 bucks and call it a day

I wish you were local. I would do it in a heart beat
2009-03-26 10:53:02
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
here is some updated pics of my 92 b13, some big numbers to come one the build is done in 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned for a build thread.

ill be posting up some build pics in the thread and pics when the motor is all done and in. Should turn out pretty clean. Car weighs only 2k lbs even right now and got more weight to take out.

your build looks ALOT like ours man! GL
2009-03-31 03:10:32
were kn i get theses light?
Originally Posted by tomaz1684
more pics plz
2009-03-31 03:12:14
were kan i get theses lights?
Originally Posted by CalHasLostVegas
As She Sits.

Any Comments?
2009-06-10 02:34:55
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