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Thread: B13 Sentra clear headlight lens

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2011-03-15 22:29:47
We need these for NXs as well :P
2011-10-25 02:57:02
Anybody know any way we could get clear lenses for our stock headlights (or entire lights that aren't tsuru units)? I am going to be doing a projector retrofit and don't want to try sanding down the inside of some plastic lenses
2011-10-25 03:01:04
make a mold! haha
2011-10-29 13:54:32
Sadness, I really would like something I could just buy
2011-10-29 14:56:55
I'd do it... If I had an extra set of headlights to tear apart... Can't exactly drive without headlights around here
2011-11-06 18:30:15
I'm picking up a set of 91-92 headlights today. I'm still trying to find a way to get rid of the flutes on the inside of the light. It's still a ways off, but I will get a mold made eventually. Maybe if its a clear plastic the flutes won't be as big of a deal, but we'll see.
2011-11-06 19:28:18
I don't know how its been ignored/not found that one thread that had a how to on making lexan lenses to put on the stock housing. For the life of me I can not find it anymore, and I used to have it saved on my desktop... bummer

It consisted of taking it apart, pour cement, or plaster of paris into the glass and let it mold and harden.
After that take the mold and shave the flutes off of it to make it a smooth surface.
Then you heat the lexan up and quickly press it over the mold and let it cool.

After that just take a dremel and cut off what you dont need...
There you go, you have clear plastic lenses for your square headlights, and while you have the headlight apart, might as well put in projectors.

And always make sure to very liberally use the silicon to close the housing, you dont want moisture in there.
2011-11-06 19:38:21

Not exactly a how to on headlights, but it should be simple on the sentra squares.
just read it and you'll get the point
2011-11-06 22:03:53
Badass, once funds permit I will be doing this seeing how I will be driving in the dark a lot over the next few months. Thanks for the link!
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