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Thread: New '91 Classic Owner - new to Japanese, low on funds, in need of advice

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2009-07-20 17:44:50
I finally snapped a few of the aftermarket fogs. The look a little cholo but then so do I.

Resprayed the grille. First rattle-can job in 6-7 years. Not amazing, hell, not even good, but still an improvement.


Mudflaps from box o’ B13 stuff. So turns out I’m a big idiot. The box I thought had my springs was actually my box o’ B13 stuff. I had it for about a week before I decided to open it. C’est ma vie.

[img] http://lh3.ggpht.com/_KRunmichrWw/SmSl3q-MmMI/AAAAAAAAAek/xfeqj9GeNIY/s800/DSCI02691280x960.JPG[/img]

Scored some rear markers for $5 off the only NX I found on a 5-boneyard-raiding spree while I was looking for the A/C line.

[img] http://lh5.ggpht.com/_KRunmichrWw/SmSmBHVgiNI/AAAAAAAAAdU/Vln4iXeM-2M/s800/DSCI02721280x960.JPG[/img]

You can also see where some asshole got too cozy about 3 weeks after I bought it and ran off. SOB. It’s not pretty already. Why make it worse?

[img] http://lh4.ggpht.com/_KRunmichrWw/SmSmFDl7P3I/AAAAAAAAAdY/mJiDCNRk7M0/s800/DSCI02731280x960.JPG[/img]

Installed MAF adapter from box o’ B13 stuff as well. Sounds a lot better, small difference but noticeable.

Also from the box that’s going on soon: JDM PS pump, polished valve cover, NGK plugs, and refreshed exhaust hangers. Although I may wait till I’ve got a new exhaust to put those on, might make things easier.

I also have working A/C again, as the first time I discovered the radiator support bushings were disintegrated, allowing maybe an inch and a half of travel forward and backward, which did the high-side pressure line in. Replaced the line at the hands of a shop for simplicity’s sake, and then installed a switch in the cabin to cut condenser fans and compressor clutch at my will, rather than have them on all the time and burn out. Good stuff.

I should be installing the OBX pulleys and power steering pump tomorrow, maybe even readjusting my door again so it doesn’t leak anymore. That and regrounding the MAF. Busy day.

Finally, awaiting NX center console, shift boot (decided on leather after all, I saw plenty of the pyramid boots, and decided I didn't like it), and glove box door as well as OEM springs in the mail. Be nice to not have to fold my papers real small into my ashtray because the glovebox door handle's broken. Extra cubby space in the armrest will be cool too.
2009-07-20 17:49:56

Front crossmember mount = FUBAR. Don't mind the crappy pic, my digi didn't like the contrast.

2009-07-22 04:42:28
Originally Posted by 91grayDET
hey man, sounds all good, glad to hear you got bit by the SE-R bug, and restoring an old classic.

remineds me, i have to get some new hinges for my car, fukking doors sagging suck!

Door sag does suck. Dropping the door twice, denting the bottom of it in multiple spots plus accompanying scratches sucks pretty bad too. So does not aligning it properly leading to a leak. Hopefully your adventure will yield better results. I'm such an amateur.
2009-07-22 04:54:10
Originally Posted by blkbird2
The power steering pump at Nissan Mazda heaven should be up on the rack in the back. Hell, I know, I bought it and return it couple months ago. Hehe..I got alot of hook up from the owner.

I actually got the power steering pump in today, only whines when I accelerate now instead of all the time, and both before and after it went away when the engine warmed up. I did see that rack at M-N-H and that's where I got my A/C line, actually. I may need to revisit and see what other goodies I can find.

Originally Posted by blkbird2
\\ Yes my old car did had the JDM motor in it, the registration sounds like my car and the time frame. I sold it to a guy in Dallas around 2004 or 2005.

Cool beans. I may have your old car, lol. I also noticed it used to have a lip, there's all the cooked adhesive still clinging onto the bottom of my front bumper for dear life. See if you can make it to the DNE meet next month. I'll try to be there, and if so then you can check it out and reminisce on some good times. I'm excited, I'm the only one I know outside of the internet that knows anything about these cars. It'd be nice to make some new friends.
2009-07-22 05:07:56
Got the PS pump in but punked out on the underdrive pulleys. I just don't see how I'll get any wrenches let alone leverage enough to unbolt/torque these guys in enough to be safe with the engine in the bay still. Any ideas? Also, the larger belt was for an AC delete, which I refuse to do at the moment. I'll need some more research on this one. In the meantime, the new belts I bought a long time ago are finally in and I know how to change them properly now, woot.

PS pump took longer than expected, so the regrounding, the pulleys, and the door realignment will have to wait till another day. However, I did manage to yank the heat shield from under the shift linkage, so when I have more time I can do the short shifter mod and install the ES bushing I bought a while back with the above mentioned belts. Glove box door should be in tomorrow.
2009-07-22 15:55:38
Good work man
2009-07-22 16:13:30
Thank you for these pics!
Wow, what a thread. I have not read all of it, but it sure is quote city in here. Nice thread man .

Again, welcome to "The-Dash" aka sr20-forum.com

^I need this for NX brakes! Can I buy the hardware alone without the calipers?

^Great shot of how the pins are different in size from top to bottom. I noticed this when I was looking over my new NX calipers I picked up.
2009-07-23 04:35:22
Originally Posted by 2dr_sentra
Good work man

Why thank you. I hope it's useful to somebody. This forum's helped me build it this far, I hope to pay it forward.
2009-07-23 04:44:50
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
Wow, what a thread. I have not read all of it, but it sure is quote city in here. Nice thread man .

Again, welcome to "The-Dash" aka sr20-forum.com

Thanks! It's been pretty good so far!

Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET

^I need this for NX brakes! Can I buy the hardware alone without the calipers?

I think so but I'm not sure. Depends on the store, I guess. I believe Autozone had that option available. I think they just called it caliper hardware.

Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET

^Great shot of how the pins are different in size from top to bottom. I noticed this when I was looking over my new NX calipers I picked up.

Poka-yoke in action. I forget what it originally was, but the original Japanese for the method literally meant "idiot-proofing", now it's just "error-proofing".
2009-07-23 15:42:46
Poka-Yoke hahaha, that's awesome. I'm going to see if the local parts store has this caliper kit.
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