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Thread: New '91 Classic Owner - new to Japanese, low on funds, in need of advice

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2009-07-24 03:57:33
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
Poka-Yoke hahaha, that's awesome. I'm going to see if the local parts store has this caliper kit.

Cool, good luck! I don't know if the pins are different between the two calipers (I imagine they would be), so make sure you've got the right one.
2009-07-24 04:41:50
Did a bit more yesterday. Did a little-known mod to free up some ponies. It's called getting a bunch a junk out your trunk.

This was EVERYTHING that was riding in my trunk, except the Big Red floorjack which was still inside.

After much shifting, sifting, and reorganizing, not to mention taking out fluids, parts, and tools I don't need with me regularly, I condensed it to this:

These are the underdrive pulleys I wanted to put in with the supplied belts.

However, due to my fear of not being able to unbolt/bolt/tighten them during the swap due to these clearances, I punked out.

Any ideas? Should I just wait till I find an opportunity to pull the engine?

On another happy note, I got my glovebox door in today. The door itself was a little beat up (more than mine), so I just swapped out the good handle for the broken one. Easy fix. Yay glovebox.

Inner panel removed.

New vs. old.

2009-07-24 04:50:57
Okay, last one for today: I replaced the power steering pump but now it's erratic. Sometimes it causes the belts to squeal, othertimes it's quiet. It always whines during acceleration, and about half of the time the steering is notchy, like turn-catch-turn-catch-turn all the way through unless I'm moving. I am wondering if there's a power steering rain dance I didn't know about? I keep checking the fluid and if anything it's overfilled a little bit. The one I replaced whined constantly during warmup but then it went away when it got to operating temp. However, it never acted like this. I know I killed a MC once because I didn't do something right. Hopefully this isn't a repeat.
2009-07-24 12:05:09
I'm pretty sure with enough patience and attitude you can remove the passenger side engine mount and lower the engine (carefully, don't use the lower oil pan for support) enough so you can get the crank bolt off. That takes care of the crank pulley (I think there is enough room to slide it off?).
Other pulleys will be accessible with a combination of raising or lowering the front of the engine.

At least that's what I presume.
2009-07-24 19:26:38
Upon further research, I do believe you are right sir. Which makes me think that I should wait till I'm replacing motor mounts so I'll be in there anyway. Cool beans.

However, currently, the 'new' power steering pump has up and taken a complete sh*t on me, so I'll have to borrow my brother's car again until I'll have time to replace it. Damn my schedule. That may not be until Wednesday.
2009-07-24 19:41:24
Removing the driver's side engine mount would probably help a bunch too so you can see-saw the engine.
2009-07-27 03:54:11
Okay, old pump's back in. Turns out the pivot bolt that came with the one I put on and the bolt that I took off with the old one were different. Neither my brother or myself handled both at the same time, so we didn't notice that the one that came with the pump was about 3/4" longer and the thread was either dirty or messed up, tricking us into thinking it had bottomed out. End result: the loose bolt allowed the pump to move enough to where the pulley was out of line, and so the shaft bearing went kaput. Smooth move for the newbie. I'll be sourcing another pump soon.
2009-08-12 17:39:36
Haven't updated in a while, but being really broke will do that. I'm getting a sort of funny idle and my MPGs are progressively getting worse. I'm starting to think maybe my MAF is going, or my timing's off again, or something. Not sure where to start, really. I did some poking around into my CEL's, and for the 11 (Crank Angle Sensor), it seems I'll need to replace the distributor.

I also want to check my MAF and TPS for voltage, but I'm an idiot and have never really used a DMM. I'll let you know after I search if I figure it out.

I'm down to about 22-23 MPG when I used to get about 26.5, and it's running rich again. Everything points to a MAF reground at the very least. Any other ideas?
2009-08-12 18:18:10
i like this guy. determined, intelligent, LITERATE, AND shawn b approved!

welcome to the forums =]
2009-08-13 04:43:15
Originally Posted by sqd
i like this guy. determined, intelligent, LITERATE, AND shawn b approved!

welcome to the forums =]

Thank you! Literacy is a wonderful thing.
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