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Thread: OEM Roller Rocker Tune anyone?

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2012-09-28 19:34:32
Originally Posted by Vadim
Another reason I call them OBD1.5 is because they went away from conventional fuel maps to OBD2 styled target afr fuel maps. Keep in mind Japan and Europe had OBD1 cars till 97.

Well, its not the same in Europe. OBD2 started 99 or 00. That means when P11-144 started.

Id like to play with basic RR - intake, exhaust, timing. I like these engines!
2012-09-28 19:40:38
I wish someone would develop a flash for the stock ECU's... Don;'t know why uprev wouldnt work. They should incorporate it into it lol
2012-09-28 20:07:57
It is either late and I am tired, or it is really very messed up
Anyway, I've always been confused with all the differences between USDM and EUDM ECUs.

Another example of what gtswrx said is my own ECU stock bin which you can find below. Same thing - at load 80 (which I've seen slightly touched) you can see timing values of 14 and 15, i.e. lots of potential waiting for somebody to bring it on with adding some timing here and there. I am now running 21-22s and I hear no knocks. And this is on 10:1 redtop lowport P10, not P11.
I got kind of screwed when I decided to stick with my 83J ECU and buy a nistune Type3 board. It turns out that I am probably the only nistune client with such ECU. Things here are a bit more complicated as I've seen minor changes in the VE table making huuuge troubles.
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2012-09-28 20:41:23
I wouldn't touch the VE table, I noticed it's not really set right for FWD SR20's.

Messing with K value and fuel table for fine adjustments are the only way to go on those kind of ECU's. Also if you can get your ECU fitted with a NEMU it would make a huge difference in tunability.

I noticed you edited some things out, but I'll still mention this:
Our Roller Rockers all came on the 32 bit ECU's, the ECU structure is completely different, there is no longer a 64 pin slot to solder a daughter board onto. This is why you basically cant tune them.
2012-09-28 20:57:53
Yes, I edited some of my reply as I got confused and wrote bunch of nonsense.. But I got your point. This is not the case here, as both bins I attached are from ECUs which has the 64 pin slot, so they should be 16 bit ECUs using 64 kb bin files, both OBD1, no matter that one is from P11 and other from P10.

As what you said, tweaking with the VE table is probably the worst thing to do in the first place.. Unfortunately I had to learn this the hard way. I've been dealing with my nistune board for quite some time and I was unable to make any progress, until recently. I finally have it running good just because I left the VE table alone.
Loaded the stock bin, resized the injectors and changed the MAF (both adjusting the load scalers). Then went for a ride to adjust the K and later on adjusted the AFR and IGN scalers, and that's it. So it was all about fine tuning the AFR values and adding some timing. Didn't mess with the VE at all except for decreasing certain cells in order to achieve lean cruise mixtures.

I will be doing some (hopefully successful and final) changes tomorrow and if interested, I could upload my current bin. Modifications as per my signature.
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2012-09-28 21:00:24
Nice work, nah no worries on updates. I just need a base OEM to get a stock power number . BTW when I attached a wideband to my stock P11, my AFR's hit as low as 10's... talking about being overprotective!
2012-09-28 21:04:09
Same thing with that P11 I mentioned earlier. Can't seem to understand why they did it this way but.. Being overprotective with timing at 17-18... Even in Bulgaria and our shitty fuel we hear no knocks..
2013-01-03 16:43:44
Thread ressurect
Im very interested in the potential of RR motors, particularly EUDM 10.1 RR's with the 7200 redline.

What kind of timing can these motors take?

Could they handle the same timing maps as 16VE considering that the motors are quite similar in design apart from vvl ??
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2013-01-03 19:15:35
Every engine is different, especially with mods. You have to find out best timing at dyno at your specific setup.

RR and SR16VE are nothing comparable... different head, cams, valves, intake manifold, etc. Only similar parts are bare block, water pump, oil pump... parts that have anything to do with tuning.
2013-02-04 23:10:49
Ask and you shall recieve
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