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Thread: ECU Bins (Tunes)

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2011-03-10 08:22:28
ECU Bins (Tunes)
This is going to be a one stop thread for all of your Calum ECU Tunes. I will do my best to scout all of the Calum's bin's and post them up here. Note these bin's should work on Nistune too, but I can't guarantee that!

Every file will be labeled on if it's a OBDI (B13/P10) or OBDII (B14/B15/P10/P11). An easy way to tell will be via file size too, 32kb for OBDI, 64kb for OBDII.

Please feel free to post and contribute your bin .

Manually Modifying a BIN

Please refer to the Beginners Guide to Calum ECU Tuning for terminology.

How to Change the Injectors
  1. Update K Value

    Formula for new K Value:
    (Old INJ Size / New INJ Size) * Old K Value = New K Value

    In this example we take a stock B14 tune and add 370cc injectors to it.
    (259cc / 370cc) * 298 Old K Value = 208 New K Value

    Note: Upgrading Injectors lowers the K value, while upgrading the MAF raises the injectors. When you upgrade both, you may hit the happy median (Stock K value)

  2. B14 Only - Update Injector Scaling Constant to the new injector's constant (Example: 259.00 to 372.08cc)
  3. Update Injector Latency to the new injector's latency (Example: 0.60ms to 0.59ms)
  4. Rescale the Load "TP" Scales

How to Change MAF's
  1. Update VQ Table
  2. Calculate and update K Value
If a tune has a wrong MAF, you can update the VQ table (MAF Voltages) and K-value.
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2011-03-10 08:23:07
SR20DE NA tunes will be here.
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2011-03-10 08:23:37
SR20DE+T Tunes will be here (9.5:1CR)
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2011-03-10 08:25:48
SR20DET Tunes
SR20DET Tunes (8.5:1 CR)
2011-03-10 08:26:46
SR20VE Tunes
2011-03-10 08:28:07
SR20VE+T turbo tunes
2011-03-10 08:28:50
Misc Tunes
2011-03-10 08:30:14
Place Holder
Place Holder
2011-03-10 13:40:23
Good idea!
2011-03-10 14:26:55

Have fun.
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